So you’ve hacked my blog…good for you! Golden star on that forehead

I don’t understand the need or the intention or the purpose or the pleasure in hacking into someone’s personal things. It must be control and power. This would have upset me more months, days, years ago. Now I just think…really? That’s all you have to do? Well, you get a golden star for pathetic behavior.

My “most likes” was on december the 10th and it WAS 555. It is much smaller now!

I woke up this morning not feeling well. Almost threw up. Thankful for the zofran that my daughter accidentally left on the end table next to the bed. I haven’t slept much. I’ve been plagued by this odd sleep walking in the last week and I know I have overdone in the physical area since my husband has been away. My body needs way more rest but I was on some sort of autopilot MUST DO mode. I think trying to convince myself that I could do this alone.

As I was laying her trying not to throw up I thought, I will read and catch up on all the blogs I love but have not read in the last few weeks. I started reading and commenting and noticing. I’ve already “liked” this blog. But I haven’t read it yet. And this is not a memory issue. I have purposely not been reading blogs so as to preserve my right eye and allow it to heal, and to not overwhelm my brain, overstimulate it, while my husband is away. ALSO, to comment I must log in with 2 step authentication. To do that I need my phone. I purposely left my phone in the car so that I would 1. Not tire my eye out 2. Not comment and over read.

So, to get on wordpress and see that I was already logged in and I had already liked a post MEANS someone not only has hacked into my ipad, has my password, but has my phone number too. Only a handful of people have that.

You’d think I’d be outraged. And yet as I was looking through the likes I thought, ok well I was coming here to like it anyway! Why waste time being upset about something I have NO power to change. None.

So to all you hackers out there…whatever…

And one more thing…why on wordpress advice on blogging to people suggest tagging your post #blogging. I mean, I am blogging. I can understand hashtag of depression or survivor or chronic illness, but why blogging?

The things that go through my mind while I lay here and try my best not to puke…

37 thoughts on “So you’ve hacked my blog…good for you! Golden star on that forehead

  1. Oh girl, I’m so sorry 😰. Why oh why must someone target someone else, especially someone as gentle and kind as you? Gah. It’s not like you haven’t been through enough already! Seriously?? I’m glad you know who it is (good for you! I wouldn’t even know how to find out!), but it sucks that there’s nothing you can do about it?/! Omg. I just can’t even… 💐🌹💐🌹


    • Intuition. I have no proof but I have become wise in my 45 years to predator behavior!!!!!
      Who cares about him. I’m just happy with my supermoon pictures!!!!!! I hope you make it to them. I just posted them and I was SOOO excited to get them. Although I was all by myself and I wished I had someone to share the moment with. Just the frogs I guess 🙂

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