Moon practice

Last night I went to the prairie to practice taking photographs of the moon. They turned out better than taking them with my ipad that is for sure!! But I need way more practice.

While out there I saw a falcon. She was gorgeous!!!!

There is also a bald eagle on the prairie now!

I was showing my husband the pictures and he said he was amazed I get any clear shots with my shaky hands.

Do you know I am so used to my hands shaking that I forget that they do.

And that made me even happier that in that moment, some pictures do come out clear, even with the tremor!

What’s funny is I yelled out to the cranes” Hey can someone fly in front of the moon!” And all of these tiny birds flew up right at that moment. They look like little specks in the picture. But I thought OK well the little birds speak Bethany but the cranes don’t. The things I think about while alone out there!

21 thoughts on “Moon practice

    • The moon looked like the size of a softball. Have you ever held one. It looked like that and these tiny birds flew in front of it. And the praire had this hue about it that was very serene but almost ominous and I don’t know why. It was too quiet. The birds were quiet all day yesterday and it bothered me.
      But today i woke up and a wren was right outside my window singing and i hear crows and hawks right now. So i will go back out today and hopefully hear some songs out there!


  1. Awesome job! Something to consider if your hands shake… there are lenses that have image stabilization on them and that cuts that down by quite a bit. It won’t cover if you are needing a longer exposure, but it does help. I didn’t even really realize how much until I got a new lens for macro shots and it doesn’t have it. I almost can’t use it without my tripod. My larger zoom lens has it (the one I use to take my moon shots) and it makes life so much nicer!

    Keep up the work! I’ll be out tomorrow night for the eclipse if the clouds deign to go away for a while.


    • Thank you so much. That is great advice. I only have the one zoom lens and I figure after I get used to the camera I will invest in another. I had no idea they had stabilization. I was accutely aware of the tremor today as I was trying to get a tiny bird in a tree and I finally rested my arms on the hood of the car. I was out tonight practicing again for the eclipse but I was reading it will happen in the am? I’m so confused as to when to be out there. I was just hoping it would rise at the normal time and be awesome!

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      • The only lens I have that has the stabilization feature is my zoom. I don’t notice the lack as much on my smaller lens, but do on my macro. The tripod is also really important in certain situations, though I hate to use it because it is just kind of a pain to deal with and carry around.

        I totally missed the eclipse because I failed to look up the time and thought it was at night as well. The timing was bad and I wouldn’t have gotten any shots anyway, but I was still irritated. I think, if the weather cooperates, I’ll try to still get some shots of the full moon tonight.


      • I read that it was early in the AM and I knew I would miss it. But I will try and go get some full moon shots. I got some last night and just HOPED the sand hill crane would fly in. They did. But they were blurry moon was clear. So frustrating to want something and not get it with only one opportunity! But tonight is another night so I will try!
        I wonder…does my zoom lens have a stabilization on it? My husband said the camera itself did, it is a luminx which is why he said he bought it for me but he didn’t think it would stabilize wtih the severity of my tremor. I need to look at it. He said he thought I had to turn that feature on. I’m still learning. I have the perfect spot on my wheelchair to stash a tripod. The problem is the prairie and my inability to stand for any period of time. Most shots it is higher than my tripod will go.
        The smaller lens that I have seems to get everything perfectly. But when I put the zoom on things will get more blurry and I think it must be the tremor

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      • It may be part tremor and part just the fact that you are zooming. I loose quality on my phone camera when I zoom too much. I don’t know anything about the Luminx, but it may be something you need to turn on. My lens states it pretty clearly on the outside plus there are a couple of switches on the side to change how it works and whether you want it on or not.

        Maybe look into a tripod that allows you to tilt the top of it if yours doesn’t. Most do, so that may not be the issue you are referring to, but just something I thought about.

        Also, most of those shots of the moon that have ANYTHING else in it that is in detail are not actually a one shot image. Almost all of those have been manipulated after the fact to allow focus and clarity on both the moon and the object or surrounding landscape. I have one that I took years ago that I did just that to and it is one of my favorites, but there is no way I ever would have gotten it in a single shot.


      • Ahhh it does tilt. Thank you. I didn’t even realize!!!
        Thanks so much for your thoughts on all of this! Truly appreciate it.
        I need to work on the app and see if I get crop some of this other stuff out and get a more clear shot

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  2. I know (or think I remember) this might be an issue, but the best pics I have of the moon were taken with a tri-pod. B did it though. I could not figure it out.

    That being said, that first one, second one and the fourth one (the 3rd one is broken for me) are really clear without the tri-pod and despite those shaky hands. Damn, I had no idea. Sorry that is something you live with. 😦

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    • I was diagnosed with essential tremor back when I was at the mayo clinic getting the muscle disease diagnosis. Some days are worse than others depending on how over tired my muscles are.
      I will take the tripod tomorrow

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