Moon pictures and some birds and some thoughts

Last night I ventured out while the sun was still up and the moon had risen at the same time.

It was a beautiful night. The prairie was so full of tiny shrike birds and they were on fence posts and trees along the road. The sky changed from pink to purple to dark in just a few minutes and I got it all! I was so excited to see when I got home. Unfortunately, I just could not get the birds to be clear flying under the moon. Which gives me more reason to go back out tonight and try again.

I have to wake up with a purpose. If I don’t I will let my worrisome thoughts or anxiety just take over. If I focus on my purpose later or even create a purpose now then it helps me immensely. So my purpose now is to eat healthy food and sit outside and listen to the birds in my back yard. My purpose later is to get a photo of birds under the moon. I missed the eclipse because I was sleeping THANKFULLY!!!! I’m always glad to sleep!

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