The supermoon:speechless

I saw the moon just as it was coming over the trees and it was bright orange/red. I gasped and said OH MY GOSH about 20 times. Then I started taking pictures. Within 10 minutes it went from orange/red to orange to light orange to almost white. The transformation in such a short time was just breathtaking, or rather breath giving. I felt like I had more oxygen than I had had in years.

BUT the sunset wsa first and IT was orange too!!!! So I will post the 2 sunsets and the three moons.

17 thoughts on “The supermoon:speechless

  1. OMG! Gorgeous!
    Love the Moon … doesnt it look awesome against the black!
    Well done! Feel like I’ve actually seen it now … we missed it cos it was clouded over here. So, thankyou! xo


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