24 thoughts on “Adventures with the husband

  1. What a fun and rewarding adventure! I’m tempted to get a camera but I don’t go anywhere so magical. In photo no. 2, I’m confused by what I’m looking at. What’s sticking out behind his feet? Is that a spur or is he standing funny? You must have had earlier experience with a camera. Did you tell us what kind of camera? Thanks for sharing.


    • We just went to a pond and normally I just ride around my neighborhood and find little things.
      Get one! You’ll find things you never noticed before! It’s so fun!
      I’ve never had a camera.my husband bought me this for Christmas and I am learning as I go. It’s helpful that animals let me get so close though!
      In photo 2 his foot is turned sideways and that us his little nail,claw, shoot not sure what you call it on a bird.
      Thank you for the compliments though.
      We got a year pass to state parks too so every weekend we go somewhere


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