Social media is a breeding ground for predators. Social media is a breeding ground for manipulators and stalkers.

A person will slowly make their way into your life and before you know it you have told them your deepest darkest secrets and only known them for 2 weeks.

These people are most often men. These men are not only doing this to you, they have 20 other girls and women they are doing it to. They will continue this behavior until someone responds and gives the green light. Then, they pounce. They know what works. If one tactic worked on one girl, they will try it on another.

These men have common themes, common factors, common manipulations. I have seen them first hand. If I were to be looking at this person in the eye it would be much easier. Body language i a huge cue to deception. If someone is behind a computer screen then they have taken time to hone their skill.

I have written some common red flags that will hopefully open your eyes to manipulative tactics.

Unfortunately, these all come from my own personal experiences over the years. I hope in sharing them it will open your eyes to possible danger. If you are experiencing any of this GET OUT. You owe this person no explanation. You owe this person no excuses. Block them. Do not respond to them. If you respond to their 20th message then you have just taught them that it takes 20 times to get to you! Don’t respond.

Some of these examples you may think, ” My friend does this all the time!” And a good friend may, but not someone who has just come into your life out of nowhere. Keep focused on the time frame, the how, and the why.

Some common red flags:

1. Is this man helping you, being there for you, listening to you, supporting you, out of the blue? At a time of vulnerability? Is he all of a sudden present in your life when you are at your lowest? Why has this person suddenly appeared and what is their intention? Do you know their intention? Ask yourself this:

Example A. “What precipitated this person coming into my life?”

Example B. “Have they stated their intention on why they have come into my life?”

Example C. “Have I recently put on social media ANYTHING that can be perceived as me feeling lonely or depressed.”

2. Are you currently ill, or helpless, when this man comes of the woodwork to be there for you? Perfect timing for a knight in shining armor?

Example A. “ I know it’s been 20 years since we have talked but I just have had you on my mind lately and heard you were having some hard times and wanted to let you know if you need anything I am here for you.”

Example B. “ I saw someone wrote something awful about you on facebook and I just wanted to let you know that even though we don’t really know each other I will NOT let anyone talk to you like that.”

3. Have you just had a falling out with a family member, been sexually abused, broken up with your boyfriend, lost your job, had a death in the family, and all of a sudden this man swoops in to make it all better?

4. Is this man over connecting? Are they making their life examples so similar to yours that you feel a connection where there is none?

Example A. “I’ve had a dog die too. I know how hard that can be.”

Example B. “I know how it feels to have health problems and be isolated, I have health problems too.”

Example C. “ My family no longer speaks to me either. Maybe we can make our own family. I will be like a big brother.”

Example D. “ I am lonely too. I know what being alone” feels like. I will be here if you need a friend to listen to you.”

Example E. “ I’ve been through what you’ve been through.”

Example F. “ I had a sister who had that happen and I am devastated for you.”

5. Is this man acting like he is willing to fight for you? Have your back? Is he using your need for safety against you by promising to be your savior when you didn’t ask for one? Example: A. “ I will kill him if I ever see him.”

Example B. “ If anyone is mean to you or hurts you from now on they will have to deal with me.”

Example C. “Just send them my way and I will take care of them for you. No one messes with you from now on!”

6. Is this man making you a “we” team now?

Example: A. “We can take care of this together.”

Example B. “We can fight this battle together. You are not alone in this.” WE. You are a team now.

7. Is this man trying to make you feel like you are special? Is he trying to make you feel like you are different and worthy of his time because you are just so important?

Example: A. “ I hate most people but you are different.”

Example B.” There is just something about you that stands out to me and makes me drawn to you.”

Example C. “ I think we were meant to find each other because I don’t even like women your age but you are just special.”

Example D. “ I feel like we are soul mates.”

Example E. “ If you were my sister/wife/ mother/ child, I would feel like the luckiest man on earth.”

Example F. “ I only trust you with this information.”

Example G. “ I wouldn’t tell this to anyone else but I know that you are different/special/ someone that I knew I could rely on to keep this secret.”

8. Is he using techniques such as being overly angry for you, pitting you and him against the world? Giving too much personal information so you feel you aren’t the only one who is sharing? Is he repeatedly asking you personal questions? Is he prefacing his questions with”

Example A. “ Hey can I ask you a question?”

Example B. “Would it be ok if I asked you a personal question? I mean if you are uncomfortable with it then I won’t.”

9. Is he trying to overly convince you that he is a nice guy?

Example A. “ You won’t find a guy nicer than me.”

Example B. “Everyone has screwed me over and I am like the nicest guy you will ever meet.”

10. Is he telling you how wonderful he is? Is he claiming to work with the elderly, work with abused animals, abused women, abused children, a wounded veteran? Is he being fake noble? A man with such integrity and values that you could not possibly turn him away or YOU would be the bad person? Is he such a “nice guy” that he is saying you would be crazy to not have him in your life?

11. Is he asking you to be alone with him? Is he putting you in a position that you would need to be alone with him unnecessarily?

12. Is he in a position of power that is intimidating? Does he make you feel like even if you say no that you are still consenting?

13. Have you had a “bad feeling” when you are around him that you are ignoring or shrugging off or minimizing because he has overcompensated for how willing he is to help you “through this hard time”? Ask yourself this:

Example A. “Has he ever made me feel uneasy?”

Example B. “Has he ever made me feel like MAYBE he isn’t being completely honest.”

Example C. “Has he ever crossed the line into too personal, too intimate, too inappropriate.”

Example D. “Has he told an inappropriate sexual joke then immediately taken it back, said he was just kidding when he saw my reaction.”

Example E. “What does my intuition tell me?”

Example F. “ Have I shrugged even one thing off that I never would have let my best friend get away with saying?”

14. Do his messages and stories and information he is giving you not add up? Have you already caught him in a lie but are trying to convince yourself that you are wrong?

Social media and texting combined can paint a liar into a corner and they don’t even know it.

15. Has he given you a nickname?

“Puppet, you know you are one of a kind girl!”

“Beth, I really don’t know what I’d do without you.” (NO ONE CALLS ME BETH BUT MY OLD CHILDHOOD FRIEND SHEA> PERIOD)

“B, I need to tell you something I just can’t tell anyone else.” “Only ONE person has ever called me B and that is my old highschool buddy TJ PERIOD! We’ve been friends for 3o years!”

That little nickname from a manipulator makes you feel there is a connection/trust/you are special enough for that person to give you a nickname.

16. When you tell this person you no longer feel comfortable talking to them do they go through the cycle of manipulation?

Example A. “ What did I do wrong to make you not trust me.”

Example B. “ I would never lie to you I swear.”

Example C. “ Swear to God like I cannot live without you. We need to stay friends. I can’t lose you.”

Then turning nasty:

Example D. “ I cannot believe you are doing this to me when I needed you and thought we had something.”

Example E. “ Listen, I don’t know what you THINK I did but you are way off.”

Escalating to:

Example F. “ I should have listened when other people told me you were a bitch.”

Example G. “ You need therapy. There is obviously something really wrong with you.

And then back to pathetic:

Example H. “ I’m in a deep depression now. I hope you know how much you have upset me.”

-Any phrase that has begun with “I swear” or “I promise” or “God’s honest truth” IS A LIE.

17. Do you notice them around on social media when you never did before? Friends with your friends now? Commenting where you are commenting? Creating conversations where there were none?

18. Is he trying to connect to a nostalgic feeling? I “remember when” life was really good when right now life is not really good at all?

19. Is he overly complimentary?

20. When you talk to him do you feel like he is making you feel like you are the only person in the world he is talking to?

21. Does he have a sob story? A story you did not ask to hear? A story that is too soon in your friendship for you to even need to feel the weight of? Are you feeling the weight already?

Example A. “My wife left me and I have no idea why.”

Example B. “I’ve been battling addiction and alcoholism and demons my whole life.”

Example C. “I’ve been through hell and could be even dying and my own family doesn’t care.”

22. Have you taken on a role of “I am going to save this person?”

23. Is he overly offended if you don’t shower him with empathy, understanding, and validation? Remember you owe this person nothing!

Let me conclude with this:

We all want to be loved. We want to be complimented. We want to have someone have our back, be there for us, be our confidant, be our savior, be our secret keeper. We want someone that makes us feel safe and loved. It is a desire and a natural want to have in our lives someone who makes us feel heard. That is ok! Where we make mistakes is who we get this from and who we let into our lives because of those needs. I am the PERFECT example. I have a muscle disease. My daughter is sick. I have PTSD. I was abused. I write about my life publicly. I could easily be a target for a manipulator that wants to come in with his save me tactics. Fortunately, for me, I have a wonderful husband and friends that I CAN confide in. I don’t need nor did I ask for a man to come into my life and do any of the listed above behaviors. In someone you do not know intimately, safely, with established boundaries, all of these behaviors above are unacceptable, unsafe, and red flags that you are in a situation that will not end well.

I wrote this to protect other women, other girls. I wrote this so they could share it with their friends and their daughters. I want one less person negatively affected by a manipulator.

It took me years to come up with this list. It was a long time coming due to having my own intuition stripped away due to chronic long term childhood sexual abuse.

I am hoping that many can learn the red flags so quickly that all it takes is ONE to have you say “NOPE! I do NOT need this!” Then walk away.

43 thoughts on “RED FLAGS

    • So…I went to get a card for my daughter at CVS and they asked me why I was getting it. I said for my daughter. They asked for my ID. I was like wth I just want to get her a gift card. They wanted to know exactly why she needed one.
      Now I know why!!!!

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  1. I was only talking with people I kew personally on Facebook, when all of a sudden some men wanted to be friends. One of them I felt sorry for because he said he had no friends. Right away he starts flirting. I told him I’m happily married. Then he asked for money! Lol I reported him. There is danger online, for sure. Never let anyone know when you will be alone at home. That guy was from Europe. One was from Africa and he started messaging me. I don’t answer him any longer.

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    • This is why I don’t want all the kids I know to be on it! And me! I’ve had so many people pop up from the past out of the blue and I think at first oh great an old face and then it just was another bash in the head really and I need no more drama in my life. I want to live simply and be with those who I love and who love me. I neeed no more manipulation that is for sure!

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      • Exactly. I have a mobile phone (20 years plus which sends and receives texts and calls) which has a contact list of my friends in it. I have an address book with addresses of family who may remember me ( 😉 lol).
        I have my blog, and people herein I consider friends. That’s good enough for me.


      • Me too. I am the same.
        I had a flip phone until last year when my husband got me a NON emergency phone. But it is just a pay as you go kind of thing. I rarely use it. I use my ipad for messaging my friends and for my blog

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  2. I wish I could have read this when I was groomed then scammed for 7,000 dollars after breaking up with my emotionally abusive ex. The person involved used a lot of these techniques as well as the pet name thing. Urrgh turns my stomach now to know. It was a terrible experience but some people lose a lot more. I hope this helps others to wise up before something bad happens to them. ❤


    • Oh NO! That is just awful. I am so sorry to hear that that happened to you. And $7 grand!!!! Awful! They do groom and some do it over such a long period of time you have no clue. Then your instinct is gone and it’s hard to get out and break free. I didn’t really write about that part. But it was getting pretty long.
      I hope this helps others too before they are in too deep and get their emotions shredded. It is hard to recover from. So sorry it happened to you

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      • Yes I also hope that, Bethany. I have even heard of people who mortgaged their homes. This guy emailed me over a six week period at one of the most isolated times in my life. I look back now and see what a dark time it was. Anyway I am glad you wrote this. Hugs to you. ❤

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  3. Wow, thank you for this list. Almost every example you verbed make the hairs in my neck stand up. I had no clue other people are experiencing so called ‘compliments’ and other behaviour in this way too. For me it is good to see that this kind of on- and offline behaviour is ackknowleged as manipulative and dangerous since in order to ‘fit in’ I had to deny reacting to it. Which leads to nasty situations. Thank you for the eye-opener.
    xx, Feeling


      • Yes, but my problem is not recognising it so much, my intuition is pretty well developed, but I have to practise my right to say no. And also to turn away when other people, who are not aware of the subtle warnings, say I am speaking nonsense. I have been surrounded by people saying ‘Oooh, don’t you make up these things, he means well’ and ‘you are too sensitive’ and ‘See, now you insulted him by not being nice when he is.’ While my truth is that I can feel (perverted) (sex)drive at at least 10 meters distance if not further.
        Three months before a big child abuse schandal in my country came out I biked along a kindergarten. At viewing the property I experienced this repulsion I get when confronted with abuse and child abuse. I thought I was making up stories and ‘how can you know from just looking at the place’. But it was there, I felt it. It worked out a guy had abused more than 80 kids at the place. In hindsight it makes me wonder how much I could have saved if I had… what? Walked in and said ‘It feels like childabuse in here.’ 😦 Sometimes I wonder if I should work with the police in this. Not sure how to start. And if I could deal. :-/


      • I hear you! As my intuition came back I realized my lack of voice was the next problem/challenge and it sucked. I had no idea how to stand up for myself and say no. In therapy we worked on it for a year. I’ve been out of therapy or 6 months now and have been working on it on my own.
        Anyone who says you are too sensitive is another huge red flag. They are minimizing your experience and not validating it. How dare they!!!!
        Many empaths and intuitive feel great guilt over others. We can only do what we can do though and that is a burden you cannot carry!

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  4. This: “A person will slowly make their way into your life and before you know it you have told them your deepest darkest secrets and only known them for 2 weeks.”

    2 weeks isn’t making their way slowly. That would be a whirlwind. If you find yourself in a whirlwind it’s a red flag.

    The list you made reminded me a lot of Dana Morningstar and the things she talks about. She has a Youtube channel called Thrive After Abuse.


    • True. Whirlwind should have been on there. Have you ever wondered why you told someone something so soon though? Really some guy was messaging me from my past and I thought, why on earth did I just tell him that, how did he manage to get that out of me, and I didn’t like it. I think many men know what to say, how to say it, and what the weak spots are ESPECIALLY if they know your past and vulnerabilities.
      I will check out Dana. Thanks

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      • Yeah, that’s happened to me before. It’s a really uncomfortable feeling to think about it after too. Mind keeps going…what is going to do with that? Why did he want to know? Kicking myself, “Ugh, why did I tell him that?” Wishing I could get a redo, etc.

        I’ve gotten some friend requests from some dudes that I have no idea who they are from other parts of the world and country and I’m like, “Who the fuck is this?”

        I didn’t think much of it. I just figured they are just trying to get their friend list as long as possible. But this made me realize there is likely something more sinister than that behind each one’s intentions.

        In fact I had one request lately where I saw a red flag immediately upon looking at his wall (out of curiosity, no intention of accepting). And I was like, “How do these guys find their marks?”


      • I’ve wondered the same. I think they try a 1000 women and figure one will accept. I will get a request and go look at their page and see how I know them and ughhhhh find repulsive things.

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    • Thank you so much. This too me a long time to compile all of my experiences. I’ve been working on this for some time now. I just want to help another person from being a victim of online anything! Which I will alter because men can be victims as well by women and women of women and men by men. I was more writing from my perspective but hopefully readers will understand that it is more just a signs to look for kind of thing.
      Facebook has brought them out and wordpress has only sent me a few thankfully

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  5. Thank you for the excellent post! A while back, I had a few stalkers on LinkedIn. I learned to ignore them, never add them to my following, and delete them. I steer clear of any attention-seekers and find it unfortunate that evil-minded people prey on others in social media.


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