Adventures with the husband

Our adventures started yesterday when we visited a garden on the UF campus. As we were leaving the sun was setting so we drove to the top of a parking garage to watch the sunset. As I was standing on the edge the thought crossed my mind that I wish I were higher up and two seconds later my husband was swooping me up and standing me on the car! Gotta get that perfect sunset photo! Here are the sights we shared:

Our adventures continued today when we went to a wetlands park. The path was rocky so my husband drove my scooter for me and I sat back all cozy and comfy in my chair! It could not have been comfortable to slouch over to steer for me but he did not complain! We saw 8 alligators, and tons of birds. It was an absolutely beautiful day. So much so that I forgot about my hundreds of symptoms and just soaked in the sun, the company of my husband, and nature.

My favorite hand…

And I wore my new shirt that my daughter photographed for me to share it. I felt it was very girl power-ish!

And so ends the adventures with the husband for this week…to be continued.

*remember I have a zoom lens so objects (alligators) appear closer than the are!

7 thoughts on “Adventures with the husband

  1. I’ve been noticing in your photos of birds that there are one just like New Zealand pukeko, and I finally looked them up and saw that you have the same birds, only there you call them purple swamp hens. They are so beautiful and colurful.


    • That is such a wonderful compliment!
      I love to look at things from different angles and lay down under things and look up and then stand over and look down. Thank you for noticing my efforts to see things in different ways and show them

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    • Thank you!!!!!
      I knew everyone may think oooh she is too close o those alligators!!! No way! Scared to death of them. I actually was behind my husband resting the camera on his shoulder so my hand didnt shake up on a hill not close at all. The only thing close was the brown and white tall bird that landed very near us and the tiny yellow one on the rail.

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    • LOL that is so funny!!! No way! I don’t want to be an alligator whisperer at all ! But it was pretty neat the few birds that did fly and land in front of us. And the birds that flew above us I LOVED them. That zoom though!!! It makes it look like they are a foot away! He bought it so I would not have to get up out of the chair yet could still get good shots of what I loved. He is a thoughtful fella!

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