4 thoughts on “For Cee’s flower of the day

  1. So glad to hear you do NOT have the flu, Bethany! And that you and your husband had such a splendid time together. Gorgeous pix (as always!) TS


    • I sent you a long message. I hope you got it.
      I was so glad too. I am still in a lot of pain but it is most definitely due to the muscle disease and lyme disease and not the flu. Thank you for caring. You are the kindest person! I so appreciate you. I email my doctor weekly and i am being monitored. I just get overwhelmed and then scared and then i become a wreck especially when he is gone.

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      • I did get your messages. Thanks. I am so glad you are being monitored regularly and so sorry for all you have to endure. I find it difficult to watch pain and not be able to help – I know what it feels like to be in pain, helpless and alone. You know you have so so many bloggy friends and fans – so many of us want to help. Love – TS

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