SoCS Tail

It is 3 am Sunday morning and since I haven’t slept yet I still consider it to be Saturday 🙂 . I was up reading blogs and saw the Stream of consciousness Saturday was: Tail and I immediately thought of my dog Molly.

Molly always covered her nose with her tail. The tip of her tail was over her nose every time she slept. As she got older and stinkier my daughter would clip her but always left a puff of hair at the end of her tail because that nose just had to be covered.

I found this picture of her today:

She was afraid of LIFE. All noises scared her. After discovering this photo I thought how much I wish humans cared as much about my triggers as I did for Molly’s. But all humans are not alike! And there was definitely only one of a kind Molly. We hired trainers to try and help her overcome her fears of sounds, fans, most objects, loud voices, pretty much everything. In the end, we just loved her. She went on 2 mile wheelchair runs every day, had an acre to do agility training with my daughter, we even adopted another rescue dog so she could have more family.

She had a good life!

I started looking through my old photos and found only ONE with her tail over her nose!! I couldn’t believe it. I probably have a thousand photos of her but just one with her tail over her nose. Ok I have way more than 1000 pictures of her and at 3 am I stopped looking around 1,001.

She lived a very happy 14 1/2 years. She has been gone almost 3 now. I still miss her every day. Ok this tale has now made me sad. Love can do that. True love. Unconditional love. When lost can leave an unfillable void. People just tell me “Get another dog” but she wasn’t just a dog to replace. She was family. She was more loyal than every single member of my immediate family, mother, father, brothers, cousins, and even most of my friends. I will remember her with love, know that her tales will live on forever, and laugh about her antics every chance I get.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 10/18

14 thoughts on “SoCS Tail

    • I was just thinking about you when you commented!
      Isn’t that wild. I woke up early after just 2 hours of sleep and I was thinking I wonder how Patricia is this morning. So how are you this morning?
      Molly was a special girl and she was loved. Her last year of life she had doggy dementia and had no idea where she was and lost most of her hearing so she was no longer afraid of sounds which was a blessing but she was often confused and wandering around the house at all hours of the night barking at the walls. We had to settle her back down all night long. She gave us so many years!
      Thanks for commenting. I always love to hear from you. Everytime I post a pictures, I did last night on my adventures wtih my husband post, I think of your flower photos. I was actually just laying here thinking this year I want to plant in the spring again, or have someone plant for me. I haven’t had gardens with flowers like pentas and lavender and mint and things like that for years. I would love to buy 100 pentas and just plant them everywhere! I used to have angel trumpet flowers and salvia and so many varieties but they were not tended to for years and all have just died back. Maybe this will be the year to restore the gardens

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      • Oh, how I LOVE thinking of gardens!
        Your doggy sounds a lot like ours. She lost her bearings too near the end.
        Sorry to hear of the early waking. I really dislike those risings in the middle of the night that can’t be helped and are just a part of my life sometimes. Hope tonight you can make up for it and sleep soundly and deep.
        Imagine, you waking up and thinking of me? That is so a good thing to hear.


      • Yes! I was thinking of you. Funny how someone I have never met just touched my heart with your story and your words and your pictures. I finally fell back asleep for 2 hours so I am feeling ready for the day…at noon!

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  1. WOW, Molly is absolutely adorable!!! I love the pictures you have shared with us!
    I would also like to thank you for liking my post “Snowflake Illness”. I really appreciate you reading my post and I hope you will enjoy more of my work should you have time to read them! I do try to put out positive and encouraging posts!
    I am looking forward to reading more of your posts as well! I hope you have a fantastic and relaxing Sunday!!!


    • I read many of your posts in the middle of the night. I didn’t quite have the words to comment. Sometimes I don’t. But I like them to show that I validate what you have written and I hear your words. That one post really resonated with me. It was excellent.

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      • Thank you so much for this really wonderful comment! I really appreciate you reading my posts and I hope you enjoyed them! It means so much to me to hear you say my post resonated with you and it was excellent! Thank you again for this truly amazing comment!!!!

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  2. Awwwwww. So precious. I love the happy smile picture. And the one with her tail over her nose.

    Our precious Red Heeler Cattle Dog, Lady, died in my arms on March 10, 2015. Oooh… I still miss her every day, too. She was probably about 14 years old. Don’t know for sure, she was a full grown rescue when she came to us in 2008. She had PTSD, too, like my husband and me. The perfect dog for us.

    One year and four months after we lost Lady, my stepdaughter and I rescued a dog off the street. At first we thought she was part Pit Bull, but since she got some weight on her, she looks like a Boxer Golden Retriever mix, instead. According to the vet’s best guess of her age, she was probably born around the time Lady died.

    We call her Baby. She is so sweet. Here is the weird thing: she does things that Lady used to do, things in particular that my husband taught Lady to do. My husband believes she is Lady, reincarnated. I don’t know….. I think she might be!


    • OMG that is an awesome story. Tragic and sad and yet awesome in the end! Both of our dogs were rescues. She was so sick when we got her but she never left my daughter’s side. She was loyal and loved us and I understood her and she understood me. She was so human!!!!!
      It’s funny when we were looking to get another dog a number of months ago we kept thinking ‘ I wonder if Molly will find her way back to us” but in the end I was just too sick to care for another being the way I would want to be able to.
      I am sooo glad you have been blessed with a dog that came back to you. I LOVE that you shared this story. Thank you!!!!!

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    • I prefer animals to most people these days and YET i run across the most amazing people. Just today I woman brought me a gift who lives in our neighborhood and I felt so blessed by her act of kindness. She said God led her to do it. I loved that she was led and listened!

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