My owl is back!

Two years ago my beloved dog Jessy was dying of cancer and this owl came. Jessy had to go outside all night long and I would sit out there with him for hours. The owl would sit on the branch above the deck. She would make noises, I would talk to her, Jess would look at her. We all just seemed to find comfort in each other.

Jess passed away, my family up and deserted me, my daughter was in the hospital, my favorite and one of the last family member’s left who loved me passed away…It was a bad time. So, the owl stayed. She didn’t leave me. I would go out on the deck at night by myself after Jess passed and there she would be. I think she saved me I truly do.

Last year she came back. This time I was finishing up a year of therapy and was far worse than when I had begun. My husband was about to leave for 3 months (that ended up being canceled thankfully) and I was feeling as close to a nervous breakdown as I could be. The owl came back to me. She brought her two babies with her. One was a female and one a male. The female bonded with me immediately. I contacted an owl specialist because I was concerned about her. She would come to the same branch her mother used to come visit me on but she would seem to cry. The owl specialist said she wanted me to feed her. She saw me as someone that would care for her. She trusted me. I did not feed her. After taking hundreds of pictures we discovered she had a leg injury. She could still stand and fly but was having some trouble hunting. Her mother stayed. She didn’t leave her when owl mothers typically leave. She stayed right there with her girl and with me. For six months I watched her grow and heal. Her mother brought her food right to the branch above me and I watched her eat every day. I could sit and stand right next to her. She trusted me. I loved her.

It’s been 6 months and I have heard her. I heard her find her voice. Her hoot is STRONG. Stronger than any owl I’ve ever heard. I listened as she found a mate. I have heard them for months talking back and forth. Tonight she was close. I haven’t seen her in so long! I called her. Her name is “Owl”. I used to call her and she would come and land on the branch. When I went for walks she would fly near me and land near me. My husband was always shocked at her doing this and how close she would get.

Tonight I heard her as I was sitting outside with my daughter. I called out “OWL! HI!!! Come closer so I can see you!” She didn’t right away. I went to the prairie and took a picture of the sunset but felt this strong urge to rush back home to see the owl. I went right back to the deck and called her again. She flew to a branch close by. I nearly burst into tears. I walked slowly to her. She let me walk right up to her as she always has. She is by no means tame. I have never fed her or touched her. She just KNOWS me. And I KNOW her. I stood next to her for a very long time catching her up on the last six months. Telling her how much I have missed her, how happy I was she had come back and how much love I had for her. I cannot explain it in words. Seeing her makes me feel like I am not ever alone. She comes when I am at my lowest and loneliest times when I KNOW that no one else could ever know how it feels to be me. Yet, she does. She sat patiently listening to me, looking at me like she always did. I used to wait for her to fly away. This time I told her I would go first. I would leave her to hunt or nest or whatever she wanted to do. I cried as I always do when I talk to her. I feel like I would feel if I were in the presence of an angel who really from the depths of their heart loved me, heard me, and would never hurt or leave me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that way with a human being. With animals, my dog Jess, with my owl, I do. I took some pictures of her. She was crouched down and I was not in the best position to take pictures as it was getting dark but I did get some. I can hear her still. She is hooting outside my window just like she used to. I can only hope she brings her mate and they have their babies here. I wonder…will she stay or will her baby? And where did her mother, the original owl go? All I know is this is not common and a true blessing and I cherish it very very much.

Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday. It is the last time I saw my mother years ago when she chose to never speak to me again upon hearing of the abuse I endured as she felt I blamed her. Who knows what she thought actually. All I know is this is the anniversary of the day that everyone left and never came back. But NOW it is the anniversary of my owl coming back. It is the day I was reminded that an owl can love more than a mother. It is a day that I can be reminded that love does not always come where we may hope or assume but it can come in the most unexpected ways. An owl.

27 thoughts on “My owl is back!

      • He Knows exactly what I need every single time. Just 2 days ago a neighbor left a package on my front door step because she knew of the owl that visited me and it is a bag with this beautiful owl on it with an owl card and a few other owl things. She said God led her to get it for me. I don’t know if I told you this. I told someone. My memory is off tonight. But it was just so neat that I sent her the picture immediately and she said God gets the Glory. True. Just when I am feeling alone he sends little reminders.
        Thank you for blessing me with your words. It made my night

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    • Oh this goes back a long time!!! She lets me walk right up to her and always has. And when in my wheelchair she would fly right past my head and land in front of me. I have so many pictures from her from a year ago of her next to my head and landing in the grass in front of me.
      I’m glad you have an owl to hoot with too!!!


    • After my dog passed I have not been able to get another dog. It broke my heart and I honestly believe a part of it will never heal after his passing. YET this owl came and still comes to give love that fills part of that pain and void of his loss and the loss I have experienced with so many others.
      I am so sorry for the loss of your dog. It is one of the most painful things I have ever felt. I’ve connected to nature though and wild life and it really does replenish the soul


      • Oh I do believe it heals. I loved my dog (Pekingese) like a family member. He was so small, sweet and dependant of me, I felt him like a furry baby, and I’m still having dreams of him sometimes. But I’m fine, I think I could handle another animal now, I’m just used to keeping distance, I guess.
        Your story reminded me of how noble the bond with an animal can be. Your experience with owls is really something special!


      • It’s been 2 years and I am just now having dreams of Jess.
        That attachment is so strong. I can understand keeping your distance. I have too with other dogs. Just not with wildlife.
        Another dog would be lucky to have your love.
        I am not sure I would ever be ready but it’s only been 2 years and since my daughter and I have so many medical issues it would be difficult to give a dog the kind of attention and love I would want. I was pretty obsessive with making sure he had his walks and we had an acre but he loved his walks and he was very well trained. Alerted me of seizures. He was very bonded to me. It was a great loss. But it was a great love


  1. What a beautiful bond you have had with this owl family! So awesome!

    I am having a similar bond with a spider above my kitchen sink. She’s helping me remember the beautiful, innocent bond I’ve had with spiders my entire life.

    Animals are so amazing. They are where I learned about love. 🙂

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  2. So beautiful! Sometimes i think we’re tapped into the same something. Yesterday i decided id type of animal friends, 2day i began it but got busy. Now
    Im sunning w/ Murph. Owl & her family are certainly special & needed.

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