My wordpress site has been defunct over the weekend. Only 41 views from friday until today, Monday.

Is anyone else having issues?

I want to post more but everytime I try it just shuts down…

43 thoughts on “Defunct

    • As soon as I keep writing or try to post a picture it shuts down. Ah the happiness engineers yet again yep!
      It seems hard to believe that no more than 40 people have visited my blog in 4 days when I have over 2000 followers unless they all up and left on vacation for the weekend.
      Oh so it lets me leave a reply on my own blog but not post. Lovely


  1. I recently migrated from .com to .org and all my followers vanished (they have slowly been trickling back), but all my likes and all my blog hits were gone as well! Then, I couldn’t post any media– I kept getting an error message, and almost all my media library was gone. I was just informed yesterday that visitors who tried to contact me my the “contact” form were told that an error had occurred and to retry, but received the same message each retry. I have been in contact with wordpress to fix all these “bugs” which each one (they tell me) takes 24-48 hrs. to fix… but they have been doing it. I had thought all along that it was due to migrating, but maybe not? I still have to see my followers, likes, and blog hit stats to be returned– it feels in a sense like starting over from square 1.


    • I am SOOO glad you posted this comment because I have been wanting to contact you and let you know that whenever I click on your blog it just says error so I have not been able to see any of your posts or anything!!!!!
      I thought your blog was just gone!!!!!
      It shows that I am following you but when I go to click your name it says it doesn’t exist.
      I am sure you are very frustrated.
      I have no idea what happens with wordpress and why some days it works and some days for me the site shuts down. Today I tried to post something 8 times and finally it posted. After the site shut down over and over again. I had to restart my ipad and pull it up again. Some days I have no views. Some days I have 200 views. I don’t know if any of it is accurate anymore. Only if I get a comment do I think ok someone is actually looking at this.
      I have missed your blog. Can you give me the exact address because right now at the top of this message it says

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      • It is very frustrating! I wonder what is going on at wordpress HQ that so many seem to be having difficulties? It is comforting to know (in an awful way) that I am not the only one. I bet a lot of people have thought that– that I have just stopped blogging or something! Thank you for your kind words! Yes– you can get there that way… does the regular give you problems? I have missed you too! : )


      • Oh there it is at .com but on this comment it says and that link is broken. It doesnt take me to your site.
        Oh you are definitely not the only one. So many are posting they are having problems. I really thought I was the only one too though


      • I am not sure what the two different address are all about– I will have to contact wordpress about that too. Good grief!
        Another blogger- friend was recently hacked on wordpress and wordpress took their blog down. Now they are over at Wix– they thought I had been hacked too.


      • I thought I was hacked. I had no idea. I was once and a lot of my stuff was taken down but I contacted wordpress and all they do is hit restore and put your whole blog back for you. Thankfully. This time I am just noticing glitches every other day or so. It is just frustrating when I spend and hour writing and lose it all when the thing crashes. But yeah. I need to learn from that and write somewhere else then copy and paste.
        A friend of mine still has her blog linked to someone elses that wordpress screwed up adn still has not fixed.
        If I could screen shot it for you it has your profile. Then it says twogalsandabook and then right under that which if i click on it says doesnt exist.

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