I’m sorry I havent read blogs

I’m so sorry I have not been reading blogs and keeping up with my friends here on wordpress.

My brain is so overtaxed and overstimulated that I get through one sentence and I just can’t can’t read. Can’t read a book. Can’t stay focused on a TV show. I am just in great need of silence in my brain and zero input of information as I seem to be extremely overwhelmed. So I hope no one minds I will just keep posting the pictures I find in my mindful/soulful calming moments of the day until I am able to be more. I wish I could be more and give support and love to the heartfelt words put out on blogs by those I deeply care about.

I will again as soon as I can.

Just know I do think of each of you.

Sometimes taking care of myself means shutting everything else down. It is a form of self love that I have never given myself but I’ve been acutely aware of running on empty and have been pulling back a little.

Thank you for understanding! I know we have our own struggles and battles. Wishing you all well and love.

21 thoughts on “I’m sorry I havent read blogs

  1. My new friend listen closely,…thank God your acknowledging the warning.
    Our brains need fresh air not just for oxygen, but to revisit the soft sounds of God’s creation. Walks in a peaceful setting, sitting by a stream, just sitting in your vehicle by the sea in the cold. Rest my friend . Thank God for the warn and wisdom. Later be well!


  2. I understand. There are quite a few days I can’t read blogs or much else. I hope you feel better soon. Also, I usually follow those who follow me and there is no way on earth I can keep up with everyone. I sure wish I could.

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    • I wish i could read everyone’s posts. Every day. I have the time. I just don’t have the brain space. I try to clear my mind as much as possible and fill it with the good I can find to balance out the bad that is happening and the struggle inside. So I am learning that self love and self care means I cannot always be there for everyone and I have to set up boundaries to make sure there is not too much input. I get overwhelmed easily. I wasn’t always this way. With my daughter’s illness and my husband being away and my own illness I have to balance things just with that. So adding in any other reading fills up my head

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