In my yard today

It is a rare day in Florida where it is not 90% humidity and either raining, blazing heat, or 3 days of 17 degree cold. I actually opened the windows for the first time in a year. Unfortunately, that means letting in the pollen BUT looking at the bright side, I feel a cool breeze blowing on my face.

Overnight all of the azaleas bloomed. The purple wild flowers opened all over the back yard. The honeysuckle opened up on the other fence. The wisteria bloomed on the other side of the yard. The tea olive is still blooming from winter and I have one little pink rose. All and all I would say it is a perfect yard! The live oak is full of migrating birds, a wood pecker, and who knows what will come later. The grass is still brown and everything is covered in pollen and leaves but who can complain? Everything is full of color!!!

23 thoughts on “In my yard today

    • When we moved in, long before this muscle disease, I wanted to plant plants and trees that gave us color year round. So the camellias give us color all winter. The tea olive gives us sweet smells all winter. Then in the spring the azaleas and wisteria and honey suckle. Then come the Jasmine and the gardenias, and then the pentas and the hydrangeas. I am so glad I planted when I could. Oh and the crape myrtle trees bloom. I look forward to each and every bloom


    • I ran my AC all winter and for 3 days one week and 3 days another week ran the heater. It is so bizarre here! If the humidity were lower I wouldn’t mind it so much. So I cherish the days when I can open the windows. It’s rare.

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      • That must be so weird. But then again, winters here are strange too since global warming started off. The leaves used to fall of the trees beginning October, now they are sometimes still there in December. 😦 Great changes here in the Netherlands. And 1/2 of our country is below sea level so… worries. But then again: we have been a dike building nation for centuries now. :-). Enjoy your flowers, I love your photo’s. πŸ™‚

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      • We just are losing leaves in march. They are all falling. So they don’t fall in the fall. They fall in the spring. Global warming is sooo apparent here in florida. We used to have spring and fall and a cool breeze. Now just smalls spurts of really cold.
        Wow below sea level! Yikes!!!

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      • I don’t either. I really don’t!!!! I mean it is right there. But most of humanity does not notice the suffering of other humans, animals, or even look out their window at nature. So I guess expecting them to notice when leaves fall (other than to bitch about raking them) would be too much to ask

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    • I’m so bummed because I went to these gardens today and took my ipad to video sounds and there were none! I couldnt believe it!!!! Their was no wind so no bamboo sounds and minimal birds just lots of flowers that I enjoyed and the temperature was great


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