Little bit of cheeriness: photos

I was practicing with my monochrome filter on my camera and had THE perfect subject: smokey. Thought I would post the many faces of smokey to brighten your day. AND I got to see the last 2 sandhill cranes for about 1 minute before they flew away. They migrate here during the winter. They have been gone for a few weeks but I stumbled upon the last 2. I’m always happy when I venture out. The sun rays shining down as I was headed home made me feel…calm

20 thoughts on “Little bit of cheeriness: photos

    • YES aren’t the pupils fascinating!!!! He had quite the beard and was so friendly and loved to strike many poses. He was quite the little attention hog though and would not let the miniature horse come up to visit

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  1. Hi Bethany. I’m not going to be visiting and commenting for awhile. Wanted to let you know. I can’t use my laptop very often because the cataracts on my eyes are growing and it is hard to read online. My tablet won’t down load your photos fast enough. Takes a looong time. I’m having an operation this spring or summer,I’m on the waiting list. So, bye for now. I’ll be back when I can see normally.


    • Bless you and praying your surgery goes well. I’m sorry you can’t see the photos and your eyes must be so frustrating. I haven’t been writing as much as I have a lot going on here and haven’t been able to get the words out. I’ll be thinking of you and hope everything goes well.

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    • I love farm animals. I love to drive to the prairie and just listen to the birds and wind and love up on these sweet animals. The owners all gave me permission because they want them to get all the attention they can get so it is something i have looked forward to doing a few days a week for almost a year now

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