9 thoughts on “The sun today

    • I just couldn’t put my camera down. It was so calming shining it’s rays up and down at the same time. I could stare all day at the clouds and their formations and colors.
      Today was truly an awful day. And YET. Was it really? Because as I was about to go to sleep, all I could think about was sharing the beauty of this. I wanted others to feel how I felt or some sort of joy from this creation I got to take a picture of. So it could not have been so bad of a day. Or maybe the good just outweighed the bad. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny bit of good to outweigh a lot of bad. Thanks for your comment!


  1. Loving Hugs for the awful day, Bethany.
    Thank You Hugs for the awesome pictures, Bethany.
    Awaiting another Nor’easter in NYC – TS


      • Not yet — starting tomorrow – might be very wet, though – I was hoping for some good snow as I bought my granddaughter a new sled! TS


      • Awwww! That would be so fun to see!!!
        It has been hot and humid here and we have had the air conditioner on and then for the last 3 nights it has been cool. Tonight it is supposed to rain which will wash away the LOADS of pollen so that will be good and maybe I can get some raindrop pictures. I love those. I really hope your granddaughter will be able to use the sled.
        Oh how I would love to see fluffy snow one day


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