Adventures with the husband part 1 :wall art

Today my husband drove me around town so that we could look at all of the phenomenal artist’s work painted on the walls.

I don’t know if my blog will let me post all at once so I will put this in a few parts.

I’ve never really stopped to look, to really SEE the beauty in what is painted on the walls. It really took my breath away.

4 thoughts on “Adventures with the husband part 1 :wall art

  1. These paintings grip my heart. They are amazing. As I looked at each painting, I didn’t want to scroll past it, while at the same time anticipating with eagerness the next one. Whoa! I don’t really talk like that lol. But that’s what these paintings bring out for me.

    I love how there’s actual nature, like a tree or some leaves that make it into the photos. Adds depth and gives them even more of a magical feel.


    • Aren’t they fucking awesome!!!!!
      I would get out of the car and just stare at them. I mean some of the eyes just were amazing and the detail and the feelings they evoked. I just kept saying wow over and over and over again and when i thought i’d seen the best then another one would come along.
      I loved how the plants grew around some of them too. It was so cool!

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