A tiny seed and a tiny root.

NOT MY SECRET...My story...My truth

I loved my next door neighbor’s mimosa trees. One day, many years ago, he brought over what looked like a stick with barely any roots and just stuck it in the ground. He told me that it would become a beautiful mimosa tree in no time at all. I didn’t believe him! It was a stick! With only a few roots! But look at it now:

I can’t wait for it’s little puffy flowers to appear. They are pink fluff and smell like cotton candy and bubble gum.

This tree came from next to nothing. But those tiny strings of roots took hold and spread. It took many years. It transformed from scrawny and spindly to strong and tall and spectacular. It was worth the wait. Some things take a long long time to take root and to flourish. Longer than we could have imagined or expected.

Take a look…

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