A tree frog and me…everyday life

I pulled a chair outside on the deck and a tree frog decided to join me. He and I took some selfies. I took some photos of him. It was chilly here so I was sitting out in my pink fluffy robe. He was keeping warm on the back of the chair in the sun. My daughter videotaped me talking to the frog as I was about to relocate him so I could move the chair in. This is how a normal afternoon goes around here. Hanging out with a tree frog…

My selfies…well…it’s just not as easy taking a photo with a frog with a big camera.

So this would be me in non brushed hair, no make up, pj’s talking to a frog. I really can’t think of much I’d rather be doing. Talking to a horse maybe? Or an owl?

14 thoughts on “A tree frog and me…everyday life

    • I love them. We have files on our computer full of videos of them. They jump in the house and we crawl around on the floor trying to save them to let them back out. Each has their own expression. Love them


  1. Your ability to describe things and capture the incredible images that you do is so impactful. My life has been overwhelming me lately (most of which exists only in my mind!). I feel like I miss so many beautiful moments, caught in my own way, missing what’s important like this moment with the frog! This is where life exists… the moments! Truly! Thank you for, all of your sharing on here, including this which speaks so profoundly to me right now! Thank you so much!

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    • Oh you are so welcome. I love these little moments. They make my day ok no matter what else has happened. It just sweeps away the bad externally and internally.
      I’m so sorry you’ve been overwhelmed. I wish my mind had an off button many many days. Sometimes the little frogs or flowers is the only thing that works. Wishing you well!

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    • Thank you, i had no idea she was videotaping me. She put it on her snapchat! And I thought well if all your friends can see it I will post it for my friends here to see the little guy. I hated moving him. He didn’t want to move from is sunny spot but I had to move the chair back inside. Then he got on my arm and I guess it was warm because I then couldn’t get him off my arm.
      My husband used to tell me that something he loved about me was how I talked to animals. I never really thought about it but I guess I talk to tree frogs the same way after I listened to it.
      You’re really sweet to say what you did, thank you. I thought I’d share some of the real me and not just pictures. Even though I was wearing a robe. It’s been cold here the last few days and I get dressed in the morning and just put my robe right back on.

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