For Cee’s flower of the day

I was in my wheelchair going past this yard and the tree was covered in pink blossoms. It smelled wonderful and I still cannot put my finger on the smell. Not overly sweet. Just perfect. Just like the flower. I was underneath it as you can tell by the picture.

Definitely needed to be in Cee’s flower of the day !

14 thoughts on “For Cee’s flower of the day

  1. The sky behind the flowers and branches is such a vibrant blue. It’s beautiful.

    So I downloaded the image to search for the kind of flower it is in google images (have you used that?) and the first thing it wants to tell me about (search results) is the sky. Lol.

    The other thing that comes up is cherry blossom. And although those flowers in your photo are the same color, they don’t look like the same flower. Such a pretty pink and I love the contrast against the sky too.


    • You would not believe the hours I spent looking it up! And still can’t find it. I found shooting star tree and cherry tree and japanese cherry tree and so many others and they are similar but just not exactly the same. I have to go by her house and see if she is home later this week and ask what it is. I can’t belive i ccan’t find it online! I mean how hard can it be? Flowering tree pink florida. Ugh. Thanks for looking and trying

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