Gatorland ski team

This was part of my childhood story

NOT MY SECRET...My story...My truth

Outwardly, my life really did look perfect. Maybe the truth would be easier to swallow now if outwardly my life didn’t look so perfect then. I would be able to say, “Yeah, that makes sense.” Had I been living on the streets then maybe all of this would seem more…common? I mean if I were a little homeless girl out on the streets then this story would be equally as tragic but you could say, “Well I just wish she would have had a nice home and a family and maybe that would not have happened.” It happens! It happened! And I had what it seemed like the perfect life for a little girl. We had money. We lived on 5 acres of wood on a lake. I had every toy and doll I could hope for. I was dancing at a dance studio. I was performing with my family…

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