The journey to my childhood home

I took a journey back to my childhood home. Here I share the story of why and what I accomplished doing that

NOT MY SECRET...My story...My truth

I knew at 3AM that I had to go to the lake. I had to go to Lilly Lake. My brother sold the house a few months ago. I have had sleepless nights since. I have mourned the loss of the lake, the peace I got from being in the water, the memories of raising my daughter there, and more. I mourned the loss of my family, the abandonment of everything in my childhood. I woke up and asked my husband if he could drive me there to get the closure that I needed. I had no idea what to expect. A new owner lives in the house now. I knew that “letting go” was not what I was looking to achieve.

“Letting go” is not part of my vocabulary.

CLOSURE is what is part of my vocabulary. Closed doors. Trying to move forward with understanding and awareness. My intention was…

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