Goats: little bit of cheer

I thought a video would best show you the silliness of Smokey the Goat’s personality. I’m sickly today. I thought going out and visiting the animals would make me feel better BUT the wind did not help my virus one bit. At least I made the effort though right? Had I not gone out I would not have had goat love or have seen the beautiful flowers and butterfly. I am happily back in bed posting this goat video! Hope everyone is having a good day and this will bring you some cheer.

25 thoughts on “Goats: little bit of cheer

  1. Aaaaw thank you for posting this it’s lovely. Sorry you are not well. No more goat wrangling for a while and rest. I wondered if you would take photos today. This is even better. That’s a lot of cheer. Thank you xxx


  2. I’m on a laptop and it plays right side up. I thought it was going to be upside down because when I first opened the post, the goat was upside down. But it’s good.

    He’s a handsome fella. I love goats.

    Sorry you are sick. Feel better soon. It’s been crazy windy here today and it’s bitter cold because of it. Stay warm.


    • Ok good!! Thanks.
      I can’t believe I got sick. I thought it was just a cold but I’ve never had a cold with a fever but I also have a lot of other health issues so who knows.
      The temp was only 62 and I had a lot of clothes on so I should have known I had a fever.
      Anyway thank you!!!!


  3. It’s nearly midnight here. I turn into a pumpkin in 10 minutes 🙂 May angels hand you tissues and mop your fevered brow on your journey to wellness. No seriously I hope you get better soon. Night night x


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