15 thoughts on “Abstract photography

  1. Is it a top of a wall? That’s what registers after staring for a bit although I can’t tell what all the pieces are along the top but I see a butterfly wing or two.

    At first glance, it looks like a pyramid of sorts and then I could see how the angle you took the photo from, could be an optical illusion. Love it. I really love photos like this.

    I’ve taken a few myself. They’re in a folder called “Miscellaneous and Artsy.”


    • Are they in a folder on your blog? I will go look!
      It’s actually wind chimes that are in a triangle and there are dragonflies and butterflies and some are flat and some have edges sticking out. I walked under it as I left the garage. It’s hanging right by the over hang to the garage and the sun was hitting only one side and I thought well that would make a cool picture!

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