Don’t say


Don’t say


It is not your


My peace

Will come from

The depths of me

In the ways I NEED.

Most likely from bits of this


I will not smile

When I need to SCREAM.

I will not forgive

When I need to be reminded



Choose your words

Tread so light.

This thread

Of me


Shredded wings.

So when I feel victory

Well then we will see

If a smile I feel shall be deemed.

Until then

Keep those empty words to yourself

Put them with those quotes

On your dusty shelf

Heed these words

Action is what is heard

Don’t tell me how to heal

Lift me from this kneel

Do it!

Don’t just SPEAK!

Your words


They will not help me

They are the LAST thing I need.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed

One day

You’ll truly see

All of our faces

Each one in our own different places

And spaces

That will not be inspired by your word

Not encouraged

This has been a

Treacherous voyage.

We’ve sought

Yet failed

To find someone to at least match

Our courage

See this face

And know

For you

I will not smile

Why don’t you maybe just

Walk WITH me

For a little while.

14 thoughts on “Poetry

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  2. You are pretty awesome for even surviving. Everyone has a right to look and feel sad especially when they have gone through so much. I have great respect for someone who can write about their feelings so well. I hope you are having a good day today xx

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