Selfie with an inch worm

When you have to stop EVERYTHING because an inchworm is on you and you have to take a selfie. Said no one but me EVER!!! And as you can see I am no good at selfies. I think I do better with selfies with goats. Always needs to be a little highlight of your day. For most they want something HUGE. Some magical moment that MAKES the day. For me. Just an inch worm. I just need a little inch worm and some flowers and I’m good.

I went out and asked a neighbor if I could photograph his tulips which are rare in Florida. He said ofcourse so I was thrilled. He also introduced me to his bee hive. That was more than enough excitement for me! I lasted about 2 minutes and then I was good. But I stepped away while we chatted and I listened to them buzzing and it was very calming to hear. I then asked another neighbor if I could photo his new blooming flowers of the day and he even brought one to me. I have some really nice neighbors right?!!!!

Day started out with some flowers, then some bees, then an inchworm and then some wildflowers in my yard with a perfectly placed orange bug. And I am happy as a clam sitting in the sun on my deck writing this blog. It’s the tiny things. The inch worms really that make all the difference.

17 thoughts on “Selfie with an inch worm

  1. Beautiful just so beautiful. I just love the pictures. They are beautiful and you’re beautiful. It’s all so beautiful. I’m sorry I haven’t read your posts lately. I have had so much going on. I love you and I’m so happy to be reading your posts again. I’ll get caught up on them soon.

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