Today’s photos: the wren and me, the tree and me, the frog and me

I was not going to go out today at all since I am trying to overcome this darn cold. BUT… I had my kitchen door open to the deck and a little wren came. She comes every afternoon and I never get her picture. I’ve wanted her picture for years. She has her babies under the deck and teaches them to fly next to my window. I have her mate’s picture but not hers until today. That then inspired me to venture out to see the sunset, take some pictures of the sunflowers my husband bought me, and look at the photos he sent me of the massive tree frog that decided to go to dinner with us last night. We had to pull the car over to get him off the windshield. Then ofcourse he had to take my photo because I it was the largest tree frog ever with yellow spots.

I hope you enjoy the photos!!

I know the correct grammar is the tree and I YET it felt like it was the tree and me because it just did. I could feel at one with that tree out there in the field all by itself behind the fence with the light shining through it yet all alone.

The wren and me. It was just us. She was singing, I was listening. I was overjoyed that it was just the wren and me.

The frog and me. Well it was really the frog, my husband and me but at the moment it was just the frog and me. I love when he got on my hand and didn’t want to leave. He just got all comfy and curled up. Being outside makes me feel alive even on the days when I feel like I am sometimes halfway…not.

Yesterday I made it out of bed for 5 minutes and took a picture of the squirrel twins. I just didn’t want to leave them out.

Hopefully tomorrow will be an adventurous day even if just around the neighborhood to find some joy and light and happiness! All it took was one singing wren to get me out of bed today!!!!!

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