Wtf Chicago Med TV show advocates pedophiles?!!!!!

I was looking for a tv show to get my mind off of what’s on my mind. I thought Chicago med would do the trick. Just mindless when I am not wanting mindful. I wanted mindless.

They chose to highlight a pedophile. They chose to talk about how he was hard wired in his brain to be a pedophile. They chose to advocate for trying to make him not think he was JUST a pedophile because oh he had so many more things about his personality.

WTF Chicago Med writers?!!!!

This made me sick.

Someone,a doctor, held his hand, this pedophile as he died. Awwwww. So touching. No one held my hand fucking ever.

Obviously the writer of this show has no idea what it feels to be a victim of a pedophile. I am beyond words.

18 thoughts on “Wtf Chicago Med TV show advocates pedophiles?!!!!!

  1. Yeah, well.
    This is a big problem.
    An ongoing problem.
    Pedophiles know what they are, although they will never admit it, unless they are about to go to jail or face some equivalent consequence.
    It is well past time we catch up with them.
    I was offered lots of money, over time, to do “important” research treating pedophiles.
    I accepted neither, ever, because, sadly the truth is, there is no treatment to correct the damage done to a person with pedophilia.
    You can take money treating them, but you can never stop them from reoffending, or cure them. And I feel shrinks who take money doing this, aware that treatment is ineffective in recidivism, even though they never admit it, are at least equally responsible.
    I mean making money off a pedophile’s treatment would be fine.
    It it worked.


    • Very bold! Thank you for your thoughts on this.
      I don’t know how some can live with themselves. Either the perpetrator or those that support them or take money to think they can fix them. I know they cannot be rehabilitated.
      I think what was so infuriating to me about the show was that they were falsely educating the public on a subject that gave empathy to a pedophile. Tv is using it’s power in very bad ways. Not to mention it was just unnecessary! And very triggering to a victim I would think of any kind!
      I’m glad to hear you accepted neither.
      The amount of people one can help in this world is remarkable, those that truly can benefit.
      When I was a chaplain in hospice and nursing homes I know that I made a difference. I believe we all can. They could highlight that! Not a pedophile. He deserves. Or she. No air time


  2. I saw this episode too and felt the same way. I can’t believe they tried to humanize pedophilia. It’s like 100 steps back. Even my husband, who loves that show, turned it off. It was complete garbage. How about focusing on the victims of pedophilia rather than the monsters who perpetrate it?


  3. I’m glad I missed that episode. I agree it was irresponsible for the producers of that show to tout their interpretation of pedophilia when we know precious little about how our brains work and the impact of our genetic makeup. So they trot out this theory as if it is a complete scientific fact. I’m sorry you were subjected to that claptrap, Bethany.

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    • Yes!
      Think of the opportunities the tv shows have. They could highlight things like malignant hyperthermia which is a dangerous life threatening reaction to anesthesia that was thought to be rare but happening more and more. It is known in the muscle disease world like mine but others carry the gene as well. They could actually use the show to teach just a tiny bit of something! But instead it is just this blahhh.

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  4. I want to link a video here for you. But I’m going to include a “Trigger Warning!” The woman talking in this video is working on being an advocate for sexually abused children. I subbed to her early on in her channel when she initially talked about her experience and with abuse as a child, plus the crappy situation she lives in now.

    But she is changing her focus.

    She talks about something called NAMBLA in the video too…which will infuriate you. It’s not an easy thing to know. But it is a sick reality. I’m even hesitant to share it because it upsetting to any human being but I can see how and why it would be more so to someone who was sexually abused as a child.

    I thought back to this video after I read this post. I didn’t see the show. Please watch the video when you are feeling strong though.


    • I just watched another episode and they highlighted that doctors who believe in a condition called PANDAS are quacks. Well. PANDAS is a real condition that is triggered by the immune system with a strep infection that causes tics. The teaching hospital here has an entire floor just for it so a tv show that says it doesn’t even exist and if a doctor says it does they are crazy, well that is upsetting because a LOT of people think that these shows are real


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