Dark poetry

Do you find yourself safe?

Are you cozy with your latest mate?

You think me a weak flower

I’m more like a weed

I lived through the freeze

Without water

Starving of need.

Growing from a broken seed.

I found the little cracks

The bits of sunshine

I made my way through


Through the suffocation of men.

You think you know me?

You think you have me beat?

Lay with your latest conquest.

Close your eyes

And feel content

Feel convinced

That you have outrun

The truth you have bent.

Feel at peace

Knowing that piece of simple “meat”

Is broken and meek.

Remember? That’s what you called me.

I crawled

I clawed

Up to the light

And bloomed

In spite of you.

Do you find yourself safe?

I never have again

After what you did.

I know you think this is your happy end.

I know you’ve fooled all of your friends.

I know you think I am incapable of revenge.

Sleep well tonight.

Since no one chose my fight.

I will make this vigilantly act only mine.

My own law

Written to save your next prey.

Justice will no longer wait.

Sleep now.

Then read these words.

You’ll scream the sounds

Where mine were unheard.


I will find.

Around the corner?

Around that city wall?

Under your bed?

In the bathroom stall?

Your safety is now gone.

My petals finally reached the light.

They will not fall.

Where your boot tried to stomp out my truth

My resilience powered through.


I am coming



Shall I give you the mercy you gave me?

That only seems fair.

So don’t close your eyes

Or I will be there.

Or open your eyes

Try to find me in that stare.

Just sleep and have pleasant dreams.

Soon it will be just you

And me.

This is a fact.


And this time,

I have control


I’m bringing

My ax.

10 thoughts on “Dark poetry

  1. ‘Tis open here and there for interpretation. Though, I feel the bottom line. Watever it is, wherever it lies, wherever it all goes…nothing quite like the undesired enigma of sorrow and the harvesters thereof.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You with your axe and I with my bat. Lol…
    So my parents had this print in their garage forever of a man walking into the snow covered woods carrying an axe.

    I’m sure it was as innocent as going to chop some wood for a fire and I was mesmerized by it for a while. He let me have it since it was only in the garage and I hung it over the fireplace at the house B and I used to live in.

    Then at one point it started to creep me out and I gave it back to my father. I noticed one Christmas (years ago) my sister had it.

    Liked by 1 person

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