11 thoughts on “Florida adventures with the husband…birds and trees and everything else!

  1. I love how you got those birds in perfect focus. So candid too. Just doing their thing.

    The sky in the photo with the moon is so blue! So pretty. Don’t see it so blue anymore.

    The close up of that…well I don’t know what it is. Didn’t you tell me before? Sorry if you did. I like stuff like that. B’s mom had this thing growing from a tree in her yard that looked like a gigantic green bean. Just a lone green bean looking thing.

    Do you know what’s wrong with the trees? It looks like someone spattered paint all over them.


    • Is it moss? The moss in the trees? I used to hate it but now I don’t.
      That’s exactly what I told b that it looked like someone threw paint all over them. It is lichen and it is on all the trees now. It doesn’t do anything bad to my knowledge. In the shady areas it is on them more but just one side. I thought it looked cool for some reason because it looked like paint

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