20 thoughts on “See I’m not THAT close to the gator

  1. Yeah okay, you still look too close for me. Yikes. Is it a full grown one? It looks like maybe not. But I don’t know gators much at all. Looks like it’s just sunning itself. Perhaps not hungry at the moment. Lol.

    I like that your husband got the wide angle with the water and all. Is that a river, lake, marsh, creek…? I’m guessing no humans swim in there.

    Oh and cool cap.


    • He was sunning for sure. And i’d just jump behind my scooter or my husband would take care of business.
      Thanks on the cap! I love it. He got me a shirt like it that is thin but keeps me from getting sunburned.
      It is the wetlands reserve park and so no one can go off the path way. Although I think it is too dangerous and kids shoudln’t be there. It would be so easy to slip and fall and then what!!!
      I used to waterski with gators that size in the lake and thought nothing of it. Now I wouldn’t. But when you grow up on a lake and know they are there…especially if you go out skiing at night and see their eyes. Ugh. But yeah they just don’t bother me. I woudln’t be stupid and go right up to one but I posted it because the picture I took literally looks like I am laying right in front of him and I’m not.

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