The Eagles!!!!

We went to our normal spot on Paynes prairie to continue to hope to see bison (still have not seen them) and wild horses (still have not seen them) but we DO see something spectacular every time we go. The deer are gorgeous. Yet today there were none. We were blessed with something new…bald eagles!!!!

Wow! All I can say is WOW. The mother and father came in and out to feed the young. One of the young birds was outside of the nest on a branch until the mother or father came and then flew crawled back into the nest for food. Watching them, listening to them…I felt so privileged! I leaned back against my husband and he held my arms so that I could try to take pictures. I ended up laying on the ground on my back because I just couldn’t hold my arms up anymore. Laying there on the ground looking up at the moss blowing and the massive nest and the bird sounds was amazing. I will attack pictures here and the video for my friend who cannot see so she can hear the sounds they were making.

When we first got there the prairie is always a sight.

Then THE nest! As you look at the nest, if you look over to the right you will see one of the babies, or adolescents sitting on the branch. The nest was so high which is why lying down was just the easiest way to see them. The young bald eagles coloring changes but not until they get older which is why they are more brown and have different markings in these photos

Here you can see the mother’s white fanned out tail flying into the nest. It is blended in pretty well with all of the moss. She is at the top of the picture and her baby is out on the branch still but he quickly moved into the nest.

Here I way laying under both of the eagles. You can see the one’s white head and white tail feathers. I was laying amongst lots of bones and feathers and also lots of poop was falling!!!! But what a view right!!!!! ( I am aware it is against the law to take an eagle feather but nothing says I cannot take a picture of one!)

After we left the eagles we took a look at the lake on the prairie and my husband saw these two, the lizard and dragon fly, he has quite the eye, and then the water was glistening too beautifully to not take a picture of that too.

22 thoughts on “The Eagles!!!!

  1. Whoa! That’s exciting! Eagles are rare sightings are they not? I learned recently that we have them around here too. But I have not seen one.

    The lizard and the dragonfly (sounds like the name of a children’s book) photo is really good. They look like buds.

    The lake photo looks like a scene from a movie. On Golden Pond came to mind for some reason. lol.

    And it’s a good thing you mentioned that it’s illegal to take eagle feathers. I had no idea. What’s that about?


    • Yes! It was so cool. I’ve never seen one that close or a nest that close or anything like it. Was SO freaking cool. I tried to stand to take the photos because in my scooter i couldn’t hold my arms up and then I gave up and just lay right under the nest on the ground to take these. Which ended up being super cool.
      I was taking a picture of a flower next to the dragonfly and lizard and he said look at them and I had totally missed them.
      The freaking lake was majestic. I have no idea why it was so cool. The way the sun hit it.
      Oh i don’t know why it’s illegal but my husband told me and then my daughter read me some sort of ACT that was made that you have to pay five grand and a year in prison. Unless you are Native american indian. I suppose they want to protect the eagle and it’s status.

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      • Majestic is a perfect word for the photo of the lake. Makes me want to go swimming. Are there gators in there too?

        I like when your hubby goes. He finds some pretty cool stuff to photograph too.


      • I do the photographing and he does the assisting! The holding of my arms and pointing at what I’ve missed. He is my glorified uber driver too!!! Puts together my scooter for me and everything!
        He always finds great things that I miss.
        Oh yeah. There are gators in every lake here. That lake in particular I have skied on and I didn’t like it at all! It is part of paynes prairie but the university of florida can use the lake and their ski team used to ski there and I skied there one time but WAY too many visible gators for me and the water is murky. The lake i grew up on the lake was clear and you could see way out into the lake in front of you and all around you. Maybe that’s why it never bothered me to ski there.
        I once skied in the intercoastal waterway in some city and I hated it. They said there was a posibility of a shark being there and could not rule it out. That day I actually fell while we were taking off the dock to do the pyramid and it was talked about for years that I did not let go of the rope. I drug behind the boat and the guy skiing next to me picked me up and put me on his skis. I climbed up him on his shoulders and still went to the top of the pyramid. I later said no way was i being left alone in water that there could be a shark!
        But in my lake i used to swim across it to my nana’s house daily. I was never afraid.
        Every night now i have nightmares the lake there is full of poisonous snakes and alligators. Every night. Never ends. But if i went there right now I’d jump right in becuase the dream just means SOMETHING that I have YET to figure out. Maybe the poison of the people there. I just don’t know. And there is another ramble


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