You can buy followers? What?!!!!

I did not know that an individual could BUY followers. That’s what google says. You can purchase a certain number of “followers” for the right price. That way your blog or your facebook or your instagram will LOOK like you have a ton of followers when you in fact do not. Why?!

So then google tells you it is pretty easy to see who buys their followers. For example, a blogger has 190,000 followers. Yep. There is a guy out there that does. And YET he only has 3 comments on each post and no likes but here and there. So out of 190,000 followers no more than 3 people have something to say about his blog? If they have nothing to say then why are that many following him? Because he is a LIAR!

In the real world there are so many con artists, liars, manipulators, etc. I cannot fathom the thought of someone needing to buy followers to just “look” liked. I mean if makes the person feel better? Then what number fits feeling better? 3 thousand followers? 10 thousand followers? But 190,000 followers? You’ve gotta have a serious need to be perceived as liked if you need that many fake people.

I guess what I don’t understand about buying an illusion is that it is just that…an illusion. Can’t we just have real? Anything real? Real friends? Not just “facebook friends.”

I loved my blog when I had 2 followers as much as I love it now. I love to interact with real people who have real experiences and choose to live life honestly and genuinely with integrity.

Here are to those of you who even if you only have one friend, or one follower, you embrace that!

At this point in my life I would rather be alone than have fake anything much less fake followers. Like…really?!!!!

53 thoughts on “You can buy followers? What?!!!!

  1. I would rather deep fry both my eyeballs than buy followers. I like having enough time to reply to everyone that comments and go for a wander. I get a buzz when I get one follower but if it was all just given to me it’s clearly not fun or exciting.

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    • My daughter was telling me about how it is done on instagram and social media so I went looking around on google and then saw all of these accounts on wordpress with all of those followers and my mind was just blown at the lies of it all. Not that I am THAT concerned with what others do with what they buy but it just seems ridiculous

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  2. Preach! It is sort of baffling. But, as Deepak said, it’s probably about business. And, like it or not, this world runs largely on money rather than honesty and good intentions. So the person who can buy their way ahead… well, they just might actually get there in this world. That said, I’m with you. I have loved my blog at all stages. I only regularly interact with about 10 of the people who follow my blog but that’s enough and I love it. 190k is absurd.

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    • I never thought about it as business. But to many that is what life is about. Show, money, business. Not here that’s for sure!
      I like to regularly interact too!
      I look forward to it


  3. Well said, Bethany. I have to laugh at the people who are just starting their blogs and run around following every blog they find hoping to pick up followers that way. Today I have 548 followers on my blog. Most days I get 40-70 views + fewer likes and comments. So my follower numbers are laughable. I’m not using my blog to make money, so I could care less. Like you, I care about those good souls who visit my blog and leave a comment.

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  4. Why in the world would someone spend hard earned money on fake followers? Wow. I was so excited when I got my first follower and excited every time somebody else actually likes what I write. I don’t need fake followers! That’s just silliness.

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  5. I remember hearing about this some time ago. I think it was on You Tube. I spend a lot of time there so that is probably where I heard about it. I’m with you on the fake shit. I’ve been chasing “real” all my life, trying to figure out what that actually is within myself so I would not even consider that even if I had the money to do it.

    So if they are fake followers, what are the people paying for…a number?
    I know it’s also about money/business/ego like others said above. But if no one is actually following that seems like what you’d pay for …to see the number (of followers) change. Silly.

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  6. OMG… I was just checking a blog out, the person had over 100k followers and I wondered why it was there weren’t any likes their posts or even comments… I alwayssss wonder about this, you have such a huge following and none of your posts are interesting enough to squeeze out meaningful dialogue, let alone a like…? Now I knowww…! I loveeee interacting with my followers and new sites…I too spend time on blogs Ive just discovered and even my followers.I love the personal air to it… hearing opinions, their stories… thanks for the 411…hehe…


    • Yep. I stumbled upon a guy who had a few likes no comments and 100,000 followers and then i started really looking then googled it and you can buy them alright. I would much rather have a small group of people that I interact with who get SOMETHING out of my blog even one line or one photo or something than fake followers for what? Ego? I mean that is one huge self absorbed human being and I’ve been around enough of those to last a life time


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