The calm of the day

I went back to the eagle’s nest and brought a towel. I laid on my back on the towel and looked up at the nest for hours. I watched the 2 babies work on their flying. My husband read to me some bald eagle facts such as the babies don’t get white heads until they are 5. I watched the mother watch her babies work on their flying. I watched the wind blow the moss. I listened to the leaves and the tiny birds that were flying around me. There was even a butterfly that almost landed right on me. There was an extreme amount of calm. After that my husband and I went to the Paynes Prairie water and looked out as the sun rays were shining down. More calm. Here are some of the pictures I took today…

31 thoughts on “The calm of the day

  1. Bethany did you know we have an eagle nest just down the road from our home that is online. Each year we go through the whole parent eagle having chicks thing. last year or so we had the drama of the older male of I think around 22 years being attacked and killed for the female eagle. They are now a couple. If you are interested I can give you the link. Best wishes. OH and you are up late tonight. Hugs.


  2. This morning, I watched Mom and Dad Eagle feed their babies on and thought of you, Bethany. I just got home to see you and your eagles! Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Spring … my granddaughter and I have been watching Spring unfold in Brooklyn! We saw many buds turn into blooms this week — Friday she was singing a song she made: “I Love Nature!” (We expect snow on Monday!) Love to you and your family. TS

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    • I am sooo exited for you that got to see that!!!!!!
      We are both blessed with eagles!!!!!
      I would love to see spring unfold there. It must be such a joy to hear her sing.
      Love to you and your family too!!! Happy easter!

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    • This.shaking, you must be near me. The weather was great today. Seeing flowers and buds starting to bloom. Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nice too but then snow on Monday. So weird. But that’s the northeast US for ya. (That’s where I am.)

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      • It is a pretty sight. Not so pretty getting around in it. Lol.

        Kids love it, grown ups grumble over it because it means digging out and driving in it. haha.

        People who plow as a side job though, love it.

        It’s still weird to me when it’s been all nice out for days and then bam! snow in the middle of it and then back to warm weather again. Like, What is going on? lol

        It would be so cool to be with you when/if you experience it for the first time.

        I thought it was supposed to be more sunny than it is today. It’s really overcast, although the temp is pretty warm. 56 or so. It was about that yesterday but really sunny.

        It says snow for Monday but it’s also supposed to be 46 which is too warm for snow. So that…I don’t get it.

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  3. This is so awesome! Eagles are the topic lately. I have a friend on FB who has seen them in her back yard and then she posted recently that there is one hanging around the area of a mall that was recently demolished. I want to take a drive out there to see if I can see it.

    Interesting about the heads too.

    That second photo, of the sky…the clouds look a little bit like an eagle shape.
    The moss looks like the down that baby birds have.


    • I think i loved the moss as equally as the nest!!
      I would love for you to drive there and see if you see the eagle.
      I hope they didn’t destroy the nest demolishing the mall.
      There are white feathers all over the ground too

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      • The mall was demolished a while ago. I can’t remember exactly…a year or two now? So it sounds like the eagle showed up after demolition. I have no idea what it looks like out there. I know they are supposed to be building something in place of the mall too. So I hope he/she is safe.

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      • We’ve had tons of things torn down to make apartments lately. So many beautiful trees taken down I hate it. I mean it is Florida, people want shade to park under why not leave a tree or two!
        Maybe the eagle is just hunting mice there

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      • Oh yeah, hunting mice? Could be! That would make sense. There is an arboretum and state park close to where that mall was so it could very well nest in one of those.

        I think Anna (my friend) said that it’s an eaglet too. So it would have a black head I guess, which is how she would know that. I don’t know much about them. When do they leave the family nest?

        It was sad when I found out that mall was coming down. It’s been there a long time and was a hang out for me when I was younger. I went to high school across the street from it. Well there was a big field to walk across to get to it too but yeah. I think there’s townhouses that are supposed to go up there. (?) Not sure.

        I drove down my old block yesterday on the way to get pain meds for Ozzy, where I used to live betw the ages of 10 and 20. There was a huge house up the street that belonged to the owner of our town’s main real estate company. The house had been completely demolished. I was completely shocked. I have no idea what that’s about. Either I’ll ask around or just wait a few months and go back and see what they put there. Right now it’s a big dirt pit.

        I also hate to see so many trees come down. We need shade and we need them for oxygen.

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