10 thoughts on “Our anniversary outing 1

  1. I saw some people fishing at the creek we took a walk along today. Last time B and I were there together there was a heron but he/she wasn’t there today. Lots of people fishing though…for trout. No gators in our waters. heehee.

    Happy Anniversary!


    • Thank you! 21years!
      We saw people fishing out too today.
      Using gizzards. It was so gross then they caught one and it was flopping around on the dock and i thought ok i drive my scooter there!!! New sanitary practices cleaning scooter tires now in place!!!
      I remember visiting my nanas sister in SC and they had a lake and we swam in it and i asked if there were gators and they had none. I thought how nice!!!!

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      • Now that I know it’s a factor for someone I know who is a Florida native, I think about that all the time around here.

        B and I were sitting right next to the creek on our way back from our walk to the end of the trail and I thought, “It is so nice to be able to sit here without worrying about gators.” lol

        Of course we do have snakes (not poisonous ones) and I am always on the look out for those in any woodsy area.

        We didn’t get close enough to the fishing people to see what they were using for bait. We saw a fish flopping in the creek at one point before we saw the guy fishing. He was in the water with waders on.

        There are quite a few creeks in the county where you can fish around here. I did it once when I was a kid. I’d need a license now if I were to do it now. And if I do it, I’d want to eat the fish and quite frankly I’m not too keen on eating fish from the waters around here.


      • I’ve never seen anyone fishing in the water. Only on the docks.
        I wouldn’t eat any fish from around here either. There are so many boats it just seems like you’d be eating oil and gasoline!
        But how nice to not have to worry about gators!

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      • Bleh, I could feel the gas and oil in my mouth when I read that part. Lol. That would not taste good at all.

        There’s no boats in the creeks around here. They’re too shallow. They have some deep parts but not enough of them for a boat. Idk, it’s all just so polluted. I know the creek we were at today had a lot of pollution in the 70s. B told me that. He used to play there as a kid. I just still wouldn’t trust it. And now there’s a big highway up above the creek so there’s that too. There’s a huge wall separating it but still.


    • It was interesting to watch. The fish was killed instantly! At fist my daughter saw he picture and was upset but he was instantly killed no suffering and ive seen fishermen allow fish to flop around so i was glad this bird did it right!

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