3 thoughts on “Our anniversary outing 3

  1. Are the first ones one of the eaglets? Webbed feet? I had no idea.
    The red bills on those…um…ducks…swans? I really like the color of the bills.
    What is the black bird? I would say crow (maybe raven and I don’t know the difference between a raven and a crow) but it doesn’t look like the crows we have here. This bird is more fluffy around the neck, smaller beak and seems smaller in stature too…although that’d difficult to tell in a photo.

    And that last bird too…what’s that? Pretty and fluffy.


    • I didn’t get any eaglets today. We went there first. It was so nice. I brought a box and cut it open and laid on it so i didn’t get all dirty this time like i did yesterday. A woman walked up to me and said she loved my short hair, i got it cut yesterday, then later she passed by again and asked if she could take a picture of me! I was so shocked! Like a compliment. So not used to that. She was very sweet. So interested in the eagles. I took tons of pictures of them but they were so obscured by the moss. So we went to the other place we go. The red billed i think they were just some sort of ducks? I have never seen them!! And the black bird…he had purple and blue in him. I literally had no clue what they were. All i know is the bird with the fish is a heron . Everyone else i was shocked to see

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