Poetry : for my friend sleeping tiger

A tiny fairy rested her chin on the edge of a lily pad

A few strands of the curls of her hair straightened as they stretched in the current of the water

She wrote words with her small fingertip

In the blue

Her letters disappeared

In the breath she blew

The water rippled

It always knew

The other fairies called her from the white lily

Of the pond

She lay on her back

Looking up at the sun

As she kicked her foot

And her lily pad spun

Knowing she didn’t need their kind of wisdom

She was no flower fairy

Never was

No flitting around

Tossing fairy dust.


On the lily pad

She would float

Her own house boat

Dipping over the edge

Her tiny toes

The fireflies

And dragonflies

Would stop and light

On the edge of the pad

As the moon would rise

Her true friends there day and night

The crickets hummed her a lullaby

“Where will you go

When the water turns cold?

When it turns to ice

And starts to snow?”

The other fairies would say.

“I’ll leap to a snowflake and fly in the wind.

Maybe land on a leaf, a twig, or a limb.

When the ice melts, I will go for a swim,

Back to my lily pad

And begin again!”

Until then…

The little fairy floated down the stream

With her loyal friends

Dancing on her lily pad

In the sun’s soft beams

Living out

Every fairy’s dream.

21 thoughts on “Poetry : for my friend sleeping tiger

  1. OH my gosh! I read it twice and at about the same spot my eyes started to leak…but I couldn’t help but smile while I read the entire thing. I love love love this. Thank you! I want to say more but I’m at a slight loss.

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