Poetry: stream of consciousness

Free flowing stream of consciousness poetry TW

I hate the “you,see…”

In a poem or short story

As if the writer has brought you to this

Great epiphany

“You see, the girl was me.”

“You see, it was all meant to be.”

“You see, it wasn’t real.It was a fantasy.”

As if the reader had no clue

Through the entire story

That this grand finale

Would be in all it’s glory.

It’s just a line

Over used

Especially in stories of abuse.


You’ve not shocked them with

Some reveal of truth.

Why not start “I was raped”

And shout that from the roof!

First line


Not last sentence as some sort of



I mean really

It’s pathetic “You see…”

Nobody reading will really SEE ME

This isn’t a screen play

You aren’t an actor in a movie.

No one will call:


So lets stop the play on words

And leaving the big splash

For the last.

I am no character in your book.

Lost in the dark wood

No little red riding hood.

“You see…” grandma is really the wolf.

What I’m saying here is

Let’s not wait

Until it is too late

To teach a lesson

To validate

Make a statement in your first words

For all of our voices that went unheard

Tell all of the little boys and little girls

There really are monsters in this world

Don’t make them wait till the end

Give them a fighting chance

You see…?


Let’s begin.


Let’s try again.

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