2 thoughts on “Bird sounds in the AM

  1. Gheghegheghe….. if they are anything like th birds here they start at 4-ish. 🙂
    But it is not them who are doing strange things. Notice the magic of the moment in the day? It is us who stay up late and watch TV and then wake up late too. Really really. 😉
    xx, Feeling


    • I texted my husband and said REALLY? This is what being up this early is like? He said no because of the coming rain you couldn’t see the sunrise. I said well if for some reason I am up at this time there better be some beautiful sunrise to go with it!!!
      I don’t watch tv. I just can’t sleep. Too much pain. I usually fall asleep around 2 am and sleep until 10. I am perfectly fine with watching the sunset and sitting outside with the owls though let me tell you. That 6 am is way for the birds!!!!

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