Kindness part 2

Unless you read part 1 the references to the pictures won’t make sense…

The first pictures are of the butterfly that stayed with me for an hour. As you can see she looks black and white but in the last picture you can see the blue on her came out. I like how you can see my shadow taking her picture in the last one.

Here are some pictures I took with the butterfly on my finger

Here is the injured but able to fly beautiful blue butterfly

Here is the butterfly I didn’t even see that was right next to my scooter that the little girl pointed out. It then flew up to a piece of wood railing and the shadow the butterfly was a heart, and it wasn’t until I got home that I saw on the wood was an upside down heart.

And after I left the butterflies I was able to meet these wonderful birds and see these beautiful lilies

Here is the enclosure for the butterfly rainforest. I part of me still wants to slit a hole in the top and let everything fly away. I guess that is the part of me that wants freedom from the confines of my body and my own mind that I have not been set free from. Or maybe I just don’t like things in cages…like I said before, not everyone is like me, and I know that.

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