I met a dragonfly, saved a bee, and saw some deer…the little things

I met a dragonfly today. I thought she was stuck in the screen. She wasn’t. She was just looking at me through the screen. So I went outside to look at her and she flew over to my chair and then landed on a wall outside. I put my hand down to her and she put her little hands all over my finger. It was really really neat. I wish everyone was that gentle and made me feel that special. Here is a picture of her. She flew away right after that and I felt completely blessed in that moment.

We will just pretend that dirty wall is not there!

Next I rescued a tree frog that had gotten inside the house. They are NOT easy to rescue. I could not get a picture of him. What I loved about him is that as soon as I got him on my hand he didn’t want to get off. I kept trying to put him on a plant and he would turn his back on the plant and look and me and tuck his little arms under him as if to say ” Not ready yet. Just gonna stay here a few more minutes.” I love that about tree frogs. They really take a moment to take in the moment!

When I used to do wildlife rehab I often experienced the same thing. Before letting a bird fly away or a squirrel, or a bunny, they would sit for just that moment. I always felt it was a moment of hope for them and for me as well as a moment to just feel gratitude FOR that moment.


Then I went back inside to find a bee trapped in a spider web. He was a frantic bee. I tried to figure out how to get him out of the web with this elaborate idea of a measuring cup and a papertowel. All without being stung. I rescued that little sucker and when I took him outside and took the papertowel off and watched him fly away I felt such joy. I smiled! I think it was the first time I had smiled in a long time. A genuine deep in my heart happy feeling that he was able to fly away. Sorry to the spider who missed his meal but with my door leaving open ways he will have something else that I won’t need to witness.

I then went out to the prairie and since I had not seen the deer in months it seemed I was so shocked to see them. I just sat and watched them. I love to watch them. The look up then eat then jerk their heads up then eat then flick their tails then eat. I took this picture of them while in the car.

These were my little joys of the day and I hope the pictures bring a little joy to anyone reading. Something that I really like about myself is that I love the smallest of things. I notice people often write about what they want to change about themselves or don’t like. I have many things that I really like about myself. My joy in setting a bee free, holding a dragonfly for a moment, and capturing a photo of some deer are just a few things that I actually love about who I am. Sometimes it is the smallest of things that end up being the biggest moments in my day, the most memorable, the most uplifting, and the most important.

47 thoughts on “I met a dragonfly, saved a bee, and saw some deer…the little things

  1. I think it’s such a blessing that many survivors can appreciate the simple little everyday things average jo takes for granted, when I’ve sat out in the sunshine and my mind and bodies the relaxed it could get I find dragomflies land and sit on me for ages. I’m in awe of their structure and beauty and feel like they connect to me. I use to do that with a small brown like ladybug that use to land on me as a child. When I would look outdside the window to the world from my Grandparents flat. I love your photographs they are very eye capturing and it sounds like a great way of being in the moment

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    • I love that you connect to little things too. Until I took a picture of one last summer I had never known they start underwater. I love learning new things and this was fascinating. And how fast they can fly.
      Thank you for your compliment on my pictures

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  2. You are a beautiful soul, Bethany and this is why no amount of physical harm can change the real you. You are a winner through and through.
    This is why you have been created, this is why you are in this world. This is your purpose.
    For days after I started following your story and growth, I wondered about the amount of suffering one human being had to face in a short span of life and I wondered why. What was the purpose of it ?
    What good could come out of it ?
    Now I know. The love you exude for being littler and weaker than you is a gift not many people have and that is your blessing.

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  3. Your dragon fly photos are always such a treat. I don’t see too many ’round here. You seem to have a variety of colors (of dragon flies) in your area too, which keeps things interesting.

    As often as I’ve seen deer, I still gasp in amazement every time one appears. I saw one a couple weeks ago cross the road in front of me but it ran off too quickly for me to REALLY see it. They just never cease to take my breath away. Love your photo of these 4 beauties. They have such cute faces.


  4. 1) The dragonfly sensed your peaceful spirit Bethany. How do you know it’s a girl? Meh, sometimes we just sense that stuff too, ya know?
    2) I agree with the spider/bee lot. I’d feel bad for Charlotte spider, but yes, probably won’t starve when your back is turned.
    And 3) What wall?


    • The dirty wall that the dragon fly was on. It was actually the deck door frame. The spider is happily eating now I can tell you, a mosquito! He is “kitchen spider” as we also have “bathroom spider”. I felt she was a she for sure. Although some of the butterflies I met at the butterfly place yesterday I was pretty sure were hes. Just a sense but who the heck knows. I don’t know about half the birds I take photos of unless it is a cardinal but otherwise I still name them because I just feel she should be an analissa or he should be a fredrick


      • You make me smile!!! Seriously? Spiders with titles is too fabulous!! You may be more in-tuned than I!! Butterflies are a tricky one regarding feminine or masculine energy. Birds, I agree. I think if I spent close time with them I could know, but from a distance, I’m usually clueless too.


      • πŸ™‚ so glad I made you smile!
        We have an owl that I just spent a few days comparing the picture I took of him/her and finally determined it was a him. I had a female baby owl grow up in my back tree and she and I were pals. I learned about her through an owl rehab place because she had an injured leg but ended up being ok. She still stops by. She was here tonight. What is so ironically bizarre about me as a human being is the owl’s name is just…Owl. She could have been anything. But I just called her Owl. She came to me every night. I videotaped her and sent it to the rehab lady who told me that Owl thought of me as another mother and that what I thought was a conversation between Owl and me every night was really Owl just saying ” HEY HUMAN give me food!!!!” But it was a pretty neat conversation regardless!

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