The mystery noise

Every night we sit outside and listen to the owl and watch the sunset. Every night we hear this NOISE! We’ve all ventured a guess as to what it was. Last night the owl flew right above us and I hadn’t even known she was there. I thought maybe then it was her. Then a raccoon literally sauntered by with a look over the shoulder of “ugh humans” and I hear the noise again. So this morning I went out to have my walk around the yard and look at any new bloomers and I hear the noise in the day. I was taking a photo of the fact that our house is literally in a bubble of trees.

I was on my way to take a picture of this rose, who barely blooms, but when she does she is magnificent!!!! Then checked on the newly planted birthday flowers.

Then I hear it and I see it IS a bird. I said ” oh please little bird sit there long enough for me to find the video on my camera” and she/he did. I got a few seconds of the mystery sound that will nolonger be a mystery. Then a very blurry picture of the mystery bird. But now I know!!! I’m not a fan of mystery. I like facts. And now I have them. Yay!

22 thoughts on “The mystery noise

  1. What a neat bird sound!

    In the new house that my husband and I recently moved to, the trees in the yard are full of birds. Mostly grackles, but also finches, doves, robins, ravens, and even a large roadrunner. Now, I often think of you when I see and hear the birds, or notice a flower blooming. Thank you for helping me to see and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us!


    • Wasn’t it!! We just could NOT figure out what it was. I’m thrilled we found the mystery noise. We have so much wildlife out here I didn’t know what it was.
      I’m sooo happy you moved into a house that have so many birds! Yay. So exciting!!! Weren’t you sick right before you moved? Are you better now? Did I already ask you that?
      I’m so happy to know that you notice these things and think of me. That touches my heart so much.
      I love the little finches. I was so happy the other week to finally get a photo of a dove. She sat so still for so long I was so happy.
      I hope you are all settled in to your new place

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      • Yes, my husband and I both had influenza type A just before we closed on our house. I was still so weak on the day of closing, that I fell very hard on cement about an hour after we closed, as we were going into the gas company to have the utilities changed. I fell so hard, I was sure that I had broken a bunch of bones. But I did not break anything! Just sprained everything!

        So, weak from the flu and aching all over from my fall, we moved into our house. Luckily we were able to take our time moving, because we sold our old house to my husband’s daughter, and she wasn’t about to rush us. Especially considering that she has been living rent free in our travel trailer since July 2015. She just had to stay a little longer in the trailer, is all. Plus she helped us move as much as she could, when she was off from work. She is awesome, we are so blessed to have her! I love her as though she were my own daughter.

        I fell again a week after we bought the new house. (New to us, it’s about 35 years old.) Then, about a week after my second fall, I fell asleep while sitting at the dinner table with our poodle on my lap. I was so weak and exhausted, that I actually fell asleep in the split second after I had taken a big swig of water, before I swallowed the water! In the next instant, I woke up sputtering and choking on water! That really scared me. Who does that? So then I made an appointment to see a doctor. Actually, she is a nurse practitioner.

        The NP ordered some blood tests and told me everything looked fine, “amazingly good for your age,” except that my vitamin D was low. She acted like having low vitamin D was no big deal. She had an attitude, like she thought I was faking, looking for attention or for an excuse to be lazy. I will never go back to her again. My old doctor retired last year and this was my first, and
        will be my only time seeing this NP.

        I came home feeling stupid, crazy, lazy, and utterly invalidated. Then I looked up low vitamin D online. Thanks to Dr. Google, I learned that normal is supposed to from 30-100, and older people like me need to be on the upper end of that scale, around 100. But my vitamin D was just 17! I also learned that low vitamin D causes extreme fatigue and foggy thinking, both of which I had, plus it greatly increases one’s risk for several types of cancer and heart disease.

        So I researched some more, and then ordered the supplements I needed from Amazon. After two weeks on these supplements, I feel so much better!

        Of course, you have to be careful in searching for medical info online. There are a lot of quacks and snake oil salesmen out there. I got my information from bonafide, reputable medical websites. Thank goodness for Google!!


      • I know A LOT about vitamin D. It crashes your immune system and anything below 30 is TERRIBLE and can cause your parathyroid to go up which can affect your bones. I mean to blow off somethign like that which can cause severe fatigue and lead to other dangerous things is malpractice! I am just so so so sorry that you have been so ill. That you fell twice, and choked. I mean that is all so scary and upsetting. I feel awful for you. And to be minimized and invalidated for the severity is infuriating.
        We are currently taking 10,000 IU of vitamin d that we were told by a hired nutritionist. It can boost your energy in just a few weeks but it actually takes 3 months to fully stabilize. Boy my heart goes out to you!!!!

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  2. Mysterious sounds… great when you find out whats causing them…
    I too had a mystery sound in my flat yesterday… upon inspection it wasn’t so great to find out my bathroom has a leaky roof hahahah
    Beautiful pictures as always; I ventured out to look at a new camera and see how it fitted in my hands yesterday. It seems to be good and it’s a beginners one so I may well indulge.
    Blessings to you xxx


  3. Hi Beth, hope you doing good..

    The way you capture nature I simply love it. Those are so inspiring, so divine so pure.. Thank you.

    Further, I have taken the opportunity to introduce you and the strength you carry in my blog. It is an initiative which i started from today and since I admire you and you have been a hero of strength to me, I started this from you. Hope you wont be offended by my not taking prior permission from you.

    Love and prayers for you always..

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      • I have to tell you that you have written this at the perfect time. This morning I woke up and wondered if anyone was reading my blog and if anyone got anything out of it and I was feeling a bit downhearted and then came you. You were that special moment. I would have never taken the dragonfly picture i posted if it weren’t for you

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      • Really!!!…

        Beth I am honestly short of words right now to express the kind of feeling I am going through.. I am so grateful to the supreme power to let me be with you the moment you needed.

        I was able to keep the promise of being with you as prayers, wishes… 😊😊🙏🙏🙏..

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