Erectile dysfunction medications take priority over rare disease…

This post is not my normal post but it is related to my dislike for the power a man has with the use of his penis. It is full of foul language and well more and more and more foul language. So read at your own discretion. Who knows where this comes from… I’m guessing deep issues of abuse, sexual abuse, trauma, and rape, but here it goes. Hold on to your hats*

Even the IDEA that there are medications manufactures, studied, approved, distributed for erectile dysfunction makes me sick. There are MULTIPLE medications for erectile dysfunction even. Not just one. You’ve got a FEW to choose from! Because men’s dicks are top priority. And if you don’t believe me well just look at the ads on TV. I mean it pretty much sums it up. Life is perfect if a man’s dick is erect. I mean, if it isn’t, where WILL he get his self esteem? What will his life be made of? What kind of husband or mate can he POSSIBLY be without an erected dick? Obviously no relationship will work with a man who cannot have an erect penis right? There are definitely no other ways of intimacy, love, companionship, or marriage at all without a fully functioning penis! As far as I am concerned, if they can urinate from them, then they work to the potential needed to live a happy healthy life. Society, the FDA, Doctors, MEN don’t see it that way. Someone decided that a man’s ability to be able to fuck, rape, have sex, dominate, or just make love to his dear wife is far more important than oh I DON”T KNOW EVERYTHING ELSE! There is no cure for MS. There is no cure for thousands of rare diseases, neuromuscular diseases, cancer. But there is a cure for a limp penis because society AKA man has deemed that MOST important. I’ll even go as far as to say that breast implants are almost a symptom of men’s dicks. Do you think that a woman really wants implants all on her own? The healing time of implants alone, ripping through muscle tissue, taking off nipples to place them perfectly, who is that for? Do you see women in an aborigines tribe with implants? Nope because news flash…THEY ARE THERE TO NURSE YOUR BABY, not to satisfy a man’s needs AKA his dick which is limp anyway so he needs meds for it. But a woman may say it is for her own self esteem. Isn’t that created by a society that makes a woman think that the only way she is desirable and can feel good about herself is by having perfect breasts? Who decided that? MEN! Men who make us cover our breasts when breastfeeding but promote half naked women on Victoria’s secret ads. Come on, who is that for? You think I want to see half naked women who are wearing something two sizes too small on an anorexic woman? No. society fucks over women on a daily basis. So much so that if our spouse cheats because we aren’t perfect or are ill or are disabled or have a mental illness well isn’t he entitled? Shouldn’t we just forgive him? He is just a man and he needs his dick needs to be met. Insert sarcastic tone in all of the above because this is all bullshit. And hey, if you chose implants and are happy I am not trying to put you down. I’m just thinking of all the women who lost their breasts to cancer and wear a prosthetic even though it hurts their raw skin because that’s the “norm.” Heaven forbid a woman choose to not have her breasts, or to have saggy breasts, or to be ok with her breasts untarnished by what man has decided are acceptable for his tastes.

I was just watching a nice TV show on an app on my Ipad when they felt it necessary to show me the SAME erectile dysfunction ad 6 times every 10 minutes. Ah that happy couple in the two separate tubs because now the woman is somehow pleased he can be ready at any moment. When really I’m looking at that woman thinking SHE’S thinking “Fuck they came up with a new med and now I will never get to get a good night sleep.” The drug companies have even go so far as to now create medications for women because if their vagina’s are all dried up and ready to call it a day that just will not work. Women MUST be able to have sex with men at all times even if their own bodies are telling them NAH you’ve done enough of this.

I’m all for what a woman wants for herself and if she needs some assistance to achieve what her desires more power to her. Yes, I am a hypocrite. Women deserve to get what they want FINALLY. At some point. Women should get to say no. Get to be heard. They should at least have their vaginas validated if the rest of their bodies are owned by society rules and men’s needs right?

I hear ya. Some happy couples feel they NEED that or the relationship just won’t work. And I say that relationship SUCKS. There are tons of people on this earth who do not NEED to have sex to have a relationship that is absolutely perfect. Hey some people love to have sex and both enjoy it with their own consent and are happy as clams and more power to them. Good for them! I’m happy for them. But not all are this way. Women are often subjected to the need of the dick and as a woman who has been forced to have one thrust in every opening in her body at one time or another as a child, teenager, young adult, well I’m here to say the erect dick with it’s need for medication to stay that way is overrated. Far too overrated. Now I also know that rape is not just done by the use of a penis and yet many times it sure is. And if it can’t be, well there is now a pill for that!

Men. Their power. In all the countries all over the world yielding their dicks as swords to conquer and master and subdue and use their wives, other women, children. Now even if for some reason some grand power in the universe has intervened and stopped their dick from working NOPE Doctors have found the cure to get them up and running again.

I’d really like to see a year of THE NONE WORKING DICK. See how that goes. Will men fall by the wayside. Will they feel unworthy of life? Is their whole world built around the size and the force and erectness of their penis? And what if that is taken away? What will we have then? Oh right, that won’t happen because those in charge, probably those whose penises did not work will come up with another cure for that. (No offense intended for men who use their penises for…well non criminal and forceful manner). Hey I know women who love their sex and would not be pleased with a non working penis. But I know 10,000 times more women who would not mind a good month penis free.

And that sums up the priority of our world.

It isn’t global warming.

It isn’t victims of crime, rape, etc.

It isn’t homeless.

It isn’t those who cannot afford health care. You may not be able to afford your pain patch but you WILL get your free samples of erectile dysfunction meds.

It isn’t those who are on respirators at one month old because they were born with a congenital birth defect.

It isn’t those who are wheelchair bound or have ALS.

There are no fixes for any of that. There are a bunch of men in power who now get to walk around with erect dicks whenever they want because THAT is what is most important on this earth. Eh we don’t care about the bees. We can all die because in the end the man gets to fuck what he wants and when he wants and that supersedes everything.

Give me a cure for Lyme disease and maybe then I will believe the interests of anyone BUT a man’s dick are number one on the list. Show me the money that is going into the cure of ANY of these life threatening diseases that took second place to the funds that went into dicks and I will believe that someone high up on the world gives a flying fuck about the rest of us.

The way it is down here…I see a few good men trying to fight the good fight in a society who has their priorities so fucked that it will be a sheer miracle if any of us survive. Really, go into the hospital for a little procedure. See what you’ll come out with….MRSA, flesh eating bacteria, pneumonia, and it’s not their fault. It is all the big wigs that make the call that a penis is far more important than a human life

An erect penis is more important than a human life.

There is currently a man who is using tons of his funding to try and find one little gene in me that could answer the question of why so many have deteriorating muscles. He has limited funding. They all do. But a politician…he gets donated 100 grand and if he doesn’t use that for his own tv ads then he gets to pocket it. Right next to his paid for erect penis.

Yep our society is fucked. I believe that to be true because a man’s penis took priority over children dying, children starving, children suffering. So now we can create more porn and create more monsters that traffic women and children all for the mighty dick.

I know it! I’ve been used, abused, and tossed aside most of my life (until my husband came along and saved me from the monsters of the world). I’m watching my body disintegrate while seeing an ad for erectile dysfunction and THAT is only the beginning but maybe even the root of what is wrong with this world. The power of the man and his dick. And the money that will go into saving it at all cost. A world gone awry. My oh my.

32 thoughts on “Erectile dysfunction medications take priority over rare disease…

  1. Yeah, the world is one fucked up place. But it’s like you have a problem with people feeling powerful. Man or woman should feel powerful. I suspect the problem comes from non-consensual dominance, and your dick going limp is a symptom. Look I’m not perfect, but surely you want people running around full of beans going: ‘yeah we can do this, that, and the other? People that are happy are nicer to be around than miserable limp dicked paranoid freaks or bitter self-hating women I’d imagine. Men can’t help being men or women, women. Have you ever really thought about why we watch so much pornography as a society? It’s bloody depressing when you do. We’re still animals at the end of the day.


    • I have no idea what this comment means or suggests.
      #1 all of society does not watch pornography. I do not. I find it repulsive and something to truly abhor
      #2 you may consider yourself and animal. I do not consider myself an animal.
      #3 I honestly have no idea what the rest of any of your comment means


      • -More and more people are watching pornography in this society and it is becoming increasingly brutal. I think that is an effect caused by the current economic/social system.
        -I like every other human being am an evolved ape (or monkey there’s scientific debate). If I am not an animal what am I?
        -Very shortly the comment is about empowerment.


  2. very very well done for talking about A RARE SUBJECT/ISSUE however and it is a big HOW EVER
    not all men are like that .I AM NOT .i,was abused as a child by DIFFERENT ADults i am ALL FOR
    MUMS BREASTFEEDING .i have nightmares MOST NIGHTS .i want too vomit most days .i am disabled
    i have m.e. bladder/bowel problems .my story is in a authors book ..,ware is my understanding.ware is
    my help ,.NOT ALL MEN ARE LIKE YOU ARE SAYING .i do a blog


    • Ofcourse not all men are like this. It was to point out our society needs on erectile dysfunction when there are higher priorities such as mental health, ptsd, (something that costs $300 per visit) and I also have a disability of a muscle disease with no lift on my car and the upkeep of the chair is ridiculously expensive.
      My point is priority…the priority is off.
      I’m terribly sorry for what you have experienced with abuse and your illness.
      My husband is nothing like the men that I have been otherwise exposed to.
      Really that was not the point of my blog post though. It was about what is neglected and what is not. Who finds what the most important. Like I said, no MS cure, no MD cure, no treatment for thousands of suffering individuals including myself but one for erectile dysfunction? I just disagree with this.
      But I do appreciate your comment as it should be a place to express your feelings. I welcome you to read my thousand other blog posts! Most with poetry, photography, coping with PTSD.
      This was a 3 am post rooted in my own pain, lack of treatment and a commercial. Please visit the rest of my blog and I will visit yours.

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  3. Totally with you on this particular issue. In Australia, drugs for erectile dysfunction are SUBSIDISED by the government, but feeding tubes for some babies who can’t swallow enough to stay alive are not, and suicide help lines are staffed by unpaid volunteers and mostly funded by donations. Viagra and condoms are sales-tax exempt, but tampons and sanitary pads are not, and the the repeal of the tax on sanitary products was yet again – just last month – publicly opposed by the MAN who was once appointed as the Minister for Women.

    I am also appalled by the fact that lack of sexual desire in women (or basically any level of sexual desire that isn’t the male-approved level of desire) is painted as some kind of medical disorder. No acknowledgement that this can be perfectly normal, and where it IS an actual problem, of the contribution to that of 1 in 6 women having been raped as an adult or sexually abused as a child.

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      • Even commercials that show women being portrayed as bad mothers because they have something like ulcerative colitis. And then she is on meds and now she is a good mom who is there to support her son while he is doing sports. It’s wrong. All of it is wrong.
        Before my husband switched jobs the pain patches for my muscle disease were not covered and 3 days was over $500. For PAIN PATCHES. But you can get some free samples of viagra. It makes me sick.

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      • EXACTLY! I saw that advert too and it drove me wild! WTF! It’s SO wrong. Things are definitely better with socialized healthcare there are flaws but it’s a chance that everyone should have. I don’t get why we can’t do it here.

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      • It bothers me that it is a huge gap not just in how things are presented to the public, but also in the education of health professionals. In all the educational material I’ve come across myself (as a doctor), it goes completely unmentioned.


      • Absolutely right. I respect you for caring about this. As a doctor especially as many do not care. I admire you. Kudos. I wish things would change, especially the way pharmacutical companies are the same people profiting as are doing the so-called research.

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    • Ps still having issues signing into my account to follow your blog. But working on it…
      I’m still shocked that these meds are subsidized by the government. I just have no words. We also have volunteers for suicide hotlines here in the US. I’ve written about this before but to see my psychiatrist costs $300 and follow ups are $160 range. Mental health and healing are not a priority and they damn well should be!

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  4. So, it’s been nearly a week since I first read this and I have been totally flaccid the whole time. Even the usual morning wake-up piss-boner has gone, and in its place is an empty balloon. I will continue to test of course, but so far so good. Looks like you’ve found the cure for erectile-dysfunction-dysfunction (a.k.a. chronic wood, tent-pole syndrome, etc.)

    On the upside, however (no pun intended, but I’ll take credit for it anyway), at least now I don’t have to worry about hiding it from my children anymore. I’ve always dreaded the “what’s that, daddy?” question. Now, I can worry about more important things, like my increased risk for prostate cancer (apparently regular ejaculations reduce the risk)

    Kidding aside, this was a brilliant rant. Holy cow, bethanyk, you’re like a super hero!

    Excellent post! 🙂


    • There is limited funding and grants. That money should go to life threatening illnesses or illnesses that make a human being unable to breathe on their own, walk on their own. One person’s quality of life is quite different than another when one can go for a jog and go to work, etc. I’d almost wish that the person choosing where the research went was someone with something like ALS. I think they would choose wiser


  5. Did you stop to consider that men are targeted about their penises in the same way women are targeted about their breasts? The ads are there, not to provide promise of relief, but to remind men that their usefulness as men, at least in sexual relationships, is tied to their ability to satisfy women. As a man who has been dumped on numerous occasions exactly because the woman he’s with finds his penis too small, I’ve come to believe that women do require from men a penis that makes her “feel full”. As we’re seeing, the marketing drones are at work fucking men just as they’ve fucked women.
    As for research into boner pills, I guarantee that more has been spent on cosmetics research (aimed at women) involving cruelty to lab animals.
    I can’t find the article, but their was a survey done a while ago that showed that women (the ones surveyed at least) would feel more judged standing naked in front of another group of women than standing naked in front of a group of men. As the joke goes, a man standing next to a naked women just feels lucky. Nah, women need to own up to the pressures they put on themselves and stop blaming men.


    • I wrote this blog about my muscle disease and needing to find a cure. I could not agree more with animal cruelty and I do not wear make up or anything else that was tested on animals. INFACT I am working on a blog post right now ABOUT my muscle disease and not wanting to be healed at the cost of animal testing.
      So what you are SAYING is you agree with me. The erectile dysfunction commercials need to stop! They are no good for anyone and can make men feel less worthy.
      Whatever women you have been dating are assholes because the purpose of a man in a relationship should have nothing to do with his penis. That is not what love is about or parapalegics and people with muscle diseases would not have marriages.
      And I am also well aware of targeting women and their bodies. If you read the rest of my blog you would know that I have battled with anorexia due to this subject matter.


    • Oh and PS. This is a rape survivor blog. Read my about page. Any further talk of your dick size and how it makes you feel or the women you are with will be deleted as it is triggering to rape victims. Go find another blog to be offended by. I am sure there are many from politics to everything else. But not a rape victim’s blog. Really. Seriously. This is not a “women need to own up to ” comment page. This is about women being raped and how we feel after.
      Yeah. That’s about all for you


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