On adventures with the husband…The eastern blue bird family: photos

My husband and I were patient enough to wait and watch. On the side of the road in our neighborhood we waited as mother and father bluebirds got worms and caterpillars and bugs to then go into their little bird house and feed their babies. One would bring the other food to feed the babies, they took turn feeding the babies. Each stayed in the tree holding the food while waiting to take it to the babies. It was really really neat to watch. I can tell you that while I was watching them not another thought entered my mind. Here are some of the 200 pictures I took of them. I tried to narrow it down to my favorites.

26 thoughts on “On adventures with the husband…The eastern blue bird family: photos

  1. Bethany, these pictures are amazing! I remember visiting a dear friend who was bedridden and her mom had found a clear birdfeeder that stuck onto a window with suction cups. My friend’s bed was a few feet from the window and we would quietly sit and watch the birds take turns getting food. They had a “pecking order” and if someone went out of turn the next in line would give them what for! Sometimes it was hard not to laugh out loud; however, it was at the same time awesome!

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    • What a beautiful thing to be able to experience. i have watched them taking turns in the bird bath outside our living room and they do seem to have a pecking order. It isn’t what I would think it would be lately like this little blue bird chased off a squirrel! And then in the backyard a CROW chased a fox through our yard. Then each bird at the bird bath seems to know what to do.
      My husband coincidently just saw the clear suction feeders and he saw one person posted a picture where a squirrel got in one!! I actually thought about getting one for my room but as light as I sleep I would never sleep! But it is just so amazing to watch nature. Watching these birds take turns feeding their babies and how they watched out for each other and the things around them.

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    • I always thought it was a different kind of bird but someone told me what it was. I have read your blogs btw for the last few days but can’t comment bc i can’t find my phone to log on to comment on other’s blogs. It won’t let me do it through my reader and hasn’t for a few days now which really fucking irks me!!!!


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