The dragon came to gobble up the moon

But he came for her one day too soon

She’d been planning to slay him too

And as her belly swelled

The perfect circle grew

With a thousand new stars

About to burst through

She almost couldn’t see me down on the earth

Obscured by the clouds and the leaves of the tree

But I waved my arms

And started to scream,

“Look! He’s coming!”

The dragon opened his mouth

As the moon turned with a smile,

“Oh I’ve been waiting for you

For a long long while.”

Her glow filled the black sky

Painting the clouds

Far after midnight,

I saw her through my blinds

Her beauty always caught my eye

Unable to sleep I walked outside

She looked down on me,

“Star child, where have you been?

I’ve looked for you on this big wide earth!

Notlvsiayotli, dance for me like you did when you were a little girl.”

So I danced for her

And the stars were born

Millions twinkling in the night

And the dragon?

Gone in the blink of an eye

He couldn’t live in moon’s light

She was too powerful

As a mother now

To each little newborn star.

And the moon smiled down on me

As she has now one thousand times

Then thanked me for my dance

As her little babies shined

The dragon gone at their mere sight

So I walked in to sleep and bid her good night

Missing the old ways

Missing the old times

Remembering the old ones

Who used to dance with me under her moonlight.

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