11 thoughts on “Photography:some of my favorite nature photos

  1. It must have taken a lot of time and effort. This was so refreshing. So many different animals. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. Feels so good to start my morning with these amazing pictures. All of them are so adorable and cute. I like that baby alligator the most.

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    • I got my camera for Christmas because I wanted to continue my search for beauty in the world and just be able to document it a little clearer than I had been doing with my ipad.
      I love the little alligator too. Thank you so much for looking at my photos

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      • You’re welcome. It was my pleasure going through these photos of such lovely animals. The world looks more beautiful through the eyes of photographers like you. I hope you’ll discover the beauty and your happiness along that. I wish you luck on all of your endeavors. Keep sharing these.

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    • That dragonfly was soooo neat. We watched him for so long. He’d fly off then come back to the exact same spot. I rested the lens on my daughter’s knee and we just sat and took pictures forever it seeemed.


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