2nd day in a row walk with a hawk: photos

Today was the 2nd day that I went for a walk with a hawk. He flew around me and over me and by me. He chattered to me. Finally I got up to where he made his final landing and it was his nest! He was sitting on his nest with his little babies crying on the inside. Sooo sweet. I didn’t get any photos of the babies but I got plenty of him. Here they are. * for sensitive selves there is some blood around his mouth because he was feeding his babies and…well he is a raptor…

5 thoughts on “2nd day in a row walk with a hawk: photos

    • I DO love animals more than anything! I love that they let me be a part of their lives and let me kind of know them. I connect to them in amazing ways.
      It does look like corn on the cob!
      I love looking back at the photos and seeing things I didn’t see before and reliving that moment.
      Thank you for looking at my photos. It lets me leave this painful body for just a short time and connect with an animal or bird or insect. It is a blessing. So I love when I can share it with others, those photos in those moments.


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