12 thoughts on “Photos of farm animals and me :)

      • Yes, I am ok, I was just extremely exhausted when I left that comment. I saw a doctor last Friday and am now taking an antibiotic for an infected cyst and a sinus infection. At this point, I think it’s the antibiotic that is making me tired more than anything. The infections seem to have cleared up, and even the large painful lumps in my lymph nodes are gone, yay! It could have been something so much worse, I am very grateful!


      • I’m so glad that they put you on something and found the cause. I know you’ve had one thing after the other and I was worried about you.
        Antibiotics make me so tired too. I’m so glad the lymph nodes are gone. Your body needed that little help!

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      • I feel bad for causing you to worry! I was so tired when I left my comment last night, that I didn’t even think about how it would come across. Duh!

        Tomorrow is my birthday. I am kind of in shock about how the years are adding up. But I am super thankful to still be alive!! Have you heard of the ACE study and questionnaire? It is a decades-long study done by the CDC — Center for Disease Control — about the long term health effects of childhood trauma. According to something I once read about their findings, I have already outlived the average life expectancy of someone with an ACE score of 10, which is my score on the Adverse Childhood Experiences questionnaire. Ten is the highest possible score, by the way. So yes, I am very thankful today!


      • I am thankful for you. I am thankful you are alive. I am thankful you have blessed me with being you!
        Happy birthday!
        I just had mine in april and it was an odd day of reflection of wow how many years have passed. How can I be this old!!!
        I have not heard of the ACE test. I will look it up now. Thank you! And hoping you are better soon.
        I just went out to get some labs done to see what my tick bite did! I’m so interested in the results. While out I took some photos and am so happy I did because now my legs are done for so I will be in bed the rest of the day but can look at my photos !

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