For Cee’s flower of the day (ok yesterday actually)

I forgot to post these yesterday which is odd because I was so excited about discovering them! I went down a different road and it amazes me that I can make one left turn in my wheelchair and boom there are flowers that were not there the week before.

I have absolutely no clue what any of these flowers are but each of them made me smile at their beauty.

I didn’t even realize until I got home that one had blackberries next to it that are still red which means soon they will be black and I will be eating them! Hopefully I will not get stuck off-roading it in my chair to get them but I will be getting them!

Flower of the Day – May 31, 2018 – Peony

For Cee’s flower (s) of the day

These flowers jumped out at my on my quick little walk today. The rain flower ( I don’t know it’s real name) I love because it is this pale pale pink but it is trimmed in a darker pink. They open and close so quickly. I felt this one and it was soft and smelled wonderful.

The white flower with the yellow flower was on this huge green bush and there it was just standing there in the middle all by itself but it wasn’t because it had a green bug on it!

And the yellow flowers my husband planted on my birthday beginning of April and they have not stopped blooming for a second!

Flower of the Day – May 31, 2018 – Peony

Dissociate: poetry

If it weren’t for my fingers

Sliding back and forth over the grooves

In the arm rest

I would not even know I were here.

Only when I noticed what my hand was doing

That it was my body that was moving

Did I realize that I was infact still alive.

I had been staring at a spider web

Sitting outside

as it sat in the sun

And a butterfly

flew up and around and around it

For what could have been minutes or hours or none.

I will never know.

Dissociative states can either be manic

and panic

Or sleepwalking half dead

I’m not sure which I dislike more

Each brings it’s own variety of dread.

Both are a sentence I wish I did not have to live with.

So to tell me ” It isn’t what happened to you, it’s what you do with it,”

well that is just bullshit.

There is nothing TO do ABOUT it.

It IS it.

And that’s all their really is.

Photos: Arnold the pig, dragonflies, and the night sky

The night sky was positively gorgeous. Pink fluffy and white fluffy cotton ball clouds. We went to visit Arnold the pig and let me tell you Arnold is the biggest pig I have personally ever seen! We visited with the goats and the horses. On the way home we got out of the car to take photos of the sky and the dragonflies flew all around us. I added the video of the dragonflies. It was magical to be out there alone with the sunset and dragonflies. Beautiful.

Last video for my friend: tree frogs croaking loudly

Ok this tree frog is outside my window. This video was taken in my bed looking out the window of the frog that NEVER stops croaking, Do you think he sounds like a duck? My daughter does. And he CHOOSES to be right outside my window! Every few minutes he makes this noise. It is not easy to sleep!!!! But he is still funny.

My friend at therapybits/many of us 1980 is blind and so I have been wanting to post these videos for her but ran out of space on my blog but I wanted her to hear the sounds that I hear