Today’s bird photos taken with one eye

Today I had a very excruciatingly painful day. I had to tape one eye shut and cover it because my entire face was in spasm. I am very excited though that in spite of these setbacks I still went out and got some pretty precious photos. They were one-eyed photos with my non-dominant blurred eye. I had to be very careful with my wheelchair out with one eye covered so I actually parked in someone’s front yard to get these. They waved at me so obviously didn’t mind!

11 thoughts on “Today’s bird photos taken with one eye

  1. Sorry you are in so much pain at the moment. I am very glad you managed to get out and take pictures. It is is nice that they waved to you. I would have invited you in for a drink. Our neighbours are not sociable at all. I have never tried taking pictures with one eye closed yours turned out beautifully. I can imagine it must be hard driving your wheelchair though. I find even walking like it rather strange. You are a very brave and wonderful person and I really wish I was your neighbour. Big squashy hugs ❀️


    • I’d love it if we were neighbors!
      We rarely see neighbors out. They stay indoors most of the time. In the 14 years we have lived here we are always outside on a blanket in the front yard or going for walks every day. We rarely see anyone. But they pass me by in my chair and some stop and say hello. There are a few that go around in golf carts and stop and chat


      • Sometimes I want to just drag them into the back garden just to say look at this flower or frog or fish. Then I come back to reality and realise not everyone would everyone would appreciate being kidnapped and fed tea and cakes and shown wildlife.

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      • I have only one neighbor who stopped me and asked if i wanted to see the new flowers he had blooming in the back yard. I was like if only EVERYONE were like this!


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