Dragonfly day

There were dragonflies all around on our walk today. On our walk we first ran into the hawks. They were near their nest. I barely got a photo of the 2 babies white little heads bob up. They were behind moss and I could not for the LIFE of me get a photo. My arms did NOT cooperate at all. Sometimes you just have to let it go!!! So I photoed the mom and dad some more. A lizard that looked just like a dinosaur was very masculine as he posed. He could be a she. I have no idea, but I’m FEELING like it was a he. Then the dragon flies. Everywhere! Green ones (which I couldn’t seem to photograph). Flying near us, around us. Then there was one wayyy up in a tree that I barely got a photograph of and then camera said “Memory card full” and that was the end of picture time so we enjoyed the rest of our walk minus photographs.

11 thoughts on “Dragonfly day

  1. I love your little lizard he is so cute. I don’t know what kind it is. We played hunt the lizard on holiday. When George took us to the beach there were loads but all were very fast and only got a very distant picture. I love dragonflies too. I have two dragon flies as tattoos.


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